Pandora Music Website vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music (Which Is Better?)

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Music, a great way to heal our soul. Various music streaming services like the Pandora Music website made it easier to connect with music when we need the most. It is a way that can change our mood. But these types of streaming services act differently. Most popular music streaming service comes with its own rules.

As an example Spotify allows the user to choose music, but the Pandora doesn’t. But knowing about the best music streaming site is important. You need a perfect combination of music with your mood.

So, let’s discuss the popular online music streaming sites and their distinct features. 

Pandora Music Website, Spotify And Apple Music: Perfect Music Streaming Sites In Our Life

Music becomes a part of our life. It has the power to change our mood instantly. But getting the right song from the right platform is important to feel the moment. Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora Music website offers such opportunities to everyone. Maybe you are already using one of these. But what about the others? Let’s know more about it before you switch your music station.


pandora music website
Picture: Pandora Music

This streaming service has great popularity. 80 million active listeners are the biggest proof of it. You can look at the Pandora music website to know how many opportunities are open for you. Pandora is basically a radio station. So, you cannot choose the song as you like. But it is easy to listen to songs using many devices like smart TVs, car stereo systems, PC, laptops and many more.

The Reason to Choose Pandora Music website

Pandora Music Website vs. Spotify vs. Apple Music (Which Is Better?)
Picture: Pandora Music Playlist

Pandora music is not hard to get. It’s easy and enjoyable in every situation. This service is hassle-free. You don’t need to waste time going through tons of albums, songs, and artists. It’s easy to personalize your music station.

Another good side of Pandora is you can create your own music station. It depends on your mood how you are going to personalize it. The station you made can be a better gift for your friends. There will be suggestions for you that are similar to the song you already liked.

Pandora Account is accessible from many devices even in your Smartphone. The songs you are listening to have information. Just click on the lyrics find out what it got. The coolest advantage of Pandora is, it can connect with Alexa. So, it’s easy to make it Alexa’s default music service.

The Bad Side

Pandora is offering plenty of options that change the meaning of the music streaming services. But it can make you suffer from a few drawbacks. But it’s ok if you know how to keep Pandora on your grip. The service of Pandora is not available outside the US. So, you can only enjoy it form The USA.

This restriction limits the user and the playlist as well. It happens only on a specific song or artist. If you like its impossible to rewind the song. This skip is also limited to the user. Only six skips are available for one hour and 72 skips per day.

The version of Pandora Music Website

Pandora is free for everyone with ads and limitations. But they are offering premium service. Pandora One is available only for $4.99 per month.


Picture: Spotify

Spotify is another popular streaming service. It is known for digital music, podcast, and video streaming services. This platform is a door to get millions of songs and content under the hood. It’s covering most of the content of various artists from all over the world.

Spotify is basically popular because of the music. It’s totally free for everyone. But to get better facilities you can upgrade it to Spotify Premium. Let’s know a few things about Spotify.

Selection of Music

spotify playlist
Picture: Spotify Playlist

If you got Spotify on your mobile then it’s time to replace your traditional music player. It is offering streamable music services. The catalog of the song is huge. It’s got roughly 20 million songs. It may not get some major records. Because they are unable to deal with the company.

They still got the fire to burn. You should open an account on Spotify. It helps you more to find out any song or artist easily. After picking your selection Spotify’s online player starts to stream.


This music streaming service is completely free. But you have to face some irritating advertisement after a few tracks. If you want to remove this unwanted element, then you have to pay $9.99 per month. As a desktop app and mobile app, you can set a Spotify player. So, android, iOS, and Windows phones are able to play this app.

The Good Side

Spotify offers lots of benefits and functions for the user. You can choose a specific song easily. You just need to browse and search for it. It also recommends content in many ways like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix.

You can find out what your friend is listening to. To get more comfort, you can create your own radio station. Spotify does not limit any features. With the Spotify connect; you can easily do the transmission from one device to another.

Cons of Spotify

Maybe it’s far better from other online music streaming sites but it also has some cons. Like Pandora, it doesn’t lockdown lyric features. So, you cannot read the music from here. It is available in a limited number of courtiers.

Apple Music

apple music
Picture: Apple Music

Everyone knows about Apple music. It’s another music streaming service like Spotify and Pandora. There is nothing like the Apple Music because it got 50 million songs in its catalog. To enjoy the music and content you can also download it for offline play. This is the tool that integrates with your iCloud Music Library.

Features of Apple Music

apple music playlist
Picture: Apple Music Playlist

Apple Music is offering a playlist that is created algorithmically. Apple Music editors do this job to get the content and highlight it to you. Even they are updating the content continuously. So, anyone can get fresh content to personalize their playlist. Apple music also focusing to reach to the audience easily by updating exclusive album releases. Sometimes you don’t get these albums on other platforms. 

Pros of Apple Music

The Apple Music Streaming service does not focus on the playlist by the intelligent radios or streaming service. It focused on the playlist that is selected by curators. It ensures the best discovery method for music.

It can be shared with your family members or friends. Because it can be shared up to six devices. All we know about Siri. This AI system can easily integrate with the Apple Music streaming service.

Cons of Apple Music

The bad side of Apple music is, they come with the subscription-only deal. But everyone can enjoy a three-month free trial. It continually gets bigger with the updates. But music lovers just want to organize their music in simple ways. Apple Music cannot be used without Apple products. So, you have to get one to use Apple Music.


Every music streaming service has distinct features that make us love to play music. Maybe you are looking for a Pandora Music website to keep up your needs as a music lover. But Spotify’s impressive features and versatility can drive you to get a better experience. If you got an Apple device in your hand, then there is no other best way except Apple Music.

It has the ability to change your dream about music. So, the choice is yours to get the best music streaming service. But the ongoing development makes us switch the platform to get better user experience. 

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