It’s Time To Be Your Own DJ

With the rise in streaming services and downloading music straight to phones, the need for an actual radio DJ has no doubt seen a decline. Instead of turning on that favorite radio station to listen to that afternoon power hour or the early morning pep talk, people are simply turning to Spotify and Apple Music for all their listening needs. Stationhead aims to bring back the DJ to radio, or rather, to a streaming service near you.

Stationhead is the newest app to be introduced to the music industry. Essentially, it’s an app that helps users become their own radio personality. Stationhead gives users the option to share their music from Spotify or Apple Music and do live or recorded talks about the playlist. This opens up a multitude of opportunities for artists to interact with their listeners and vice versa! This new app also gives aspiring DJs to test out their skills with their friends while simultaneously giving streaming services big boosts in popularity.

The personal radio station service was started in 2015 by musician Ryan Star and his friend Jace Kay. The two got into a conversation trying to figure out why so many artists were struggling to get their names out. They took into consideration the amount of money that needs to be spent promoting their songs and getting radio stations and streaming services to play their music. Stationhead’s intent is to eliminate the nitty gritty.

In 2016, it was recorded that streaming services had about 112 million people paying for online streaming service subscriptions all over the world. The United States alone accounted for about 51.4 percent of revenue when dealing with music that has been made available for streaming. Because of radio FCC regulations and guidelines, it only makes sense that music listeners would prefer unfiltered and uninterrupted music time.

However, the great thing about Stationhead is that it runs on platforms that already have purchased licenses and have dealt with record labels, allowing the app to be an independent entity for our enjoyment. And a single individual counts as one steam for each track being played by the DJ, so plays for that artist go up as well as royalty payments. Each user also has the option to “bite” a song and add it to their own personal playlist if they like it. The opportunity for sharing and introducing music has never been easier.

Each station is in sync with its listeners. When someone tunes in, they’re automatically thrown into the middle, end, or start of whatever track is currently playing for the other listeners. The DJ commandeering the station can talk about the song choice, like why it was chosen or what it means, and listeners have the opportunity of chiming in and responding with comments. So if a popular artist wants to create a playlist for their newest album but also get the songs’ message across, all they need to do is tune in and start talking. This gives artists streams and popularity, whether they’re big or small.

Another great perk is that Apple Music and Spotify have decided to work in tandem with Stationhead. If an aspiring DJ has friends who use one streaming service over the other, they can still tune into the same station playlist and hear the same song at the same time with everyone else. And if by some rare chance the streaming service being used doesn’t have a certain song that the other does, Stationhead simply plays something else until everyone comes back together.

Stationhead has just currently added Apple Music as an available platform, with Spotify being one of the first ones to get on board. The creators have had Republic Records and Island Records launch their own stations and are working on collaborating with Atlantic Records. It’s currently only available for iOS but adding Android is very much in the works.

With the world spending an average of 4 hours a day listening to music, Stationhead provides an engaging experience that could change the way we listen to music and discover new sounds. Music is already something that brings us all together, and it just got even better. Sign up and become your own DJ here!

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