Jamie Fraser: The Most Attractive Character of Outlander

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Do you love Jamie Fraser? The Scottish hero from the 18th century? Yes, we are talking about the marvelous, super handsome, brave but polite character of one of the most popular historical TV series named Outlander.

This ‘king of men’ wins everyone’s heart after the author Diana Gabaldon introduces him in a book called ‘as Outlander’. After the success, we’ve got the opportunity to see him on the TV screen.

Outlander comes as a TV series and is continuing its journey as a successor. But, this is not the end to know about this young and dashing outlander hero. Here is more about it.

What Is Outlander?

Most of us know that Outlander is a Starz Original Series. But the origin of this series is a book. The author of this book is Diana Gabaldon. The TV show, Outlander is produced by Tall Ship Productions.

After telecasting the first season of this series, it became popular especially for the character named Jamie Fraser and the production house started to deliver successful seasons one after another.

The production house is also associated with Sony Pictures Television. The first season of this series was shot in Scotland. In Fall, 2013, the shoot was completed but it premiered on August 9, 2014.

Outlander - Stand For All
Picture: Outlander – Stand For All

Who Is Jamie Fraser?

Outlander is full of historical elements like plots and characters. Among all the characters of Outlanders. Only a few got the most attention from the audience and Jamie Fraser is one of them.

In many ways, this character sets his roles in the series. It’s equally sexy, active, young, and kind. In the TV Series, actor Sam Heughan plays this iconic role. In this series, we saw the time-traveling heroine Claire (Caitriona Balfe) fall in love with Jamie. It’s no wonder to the audience anymore. 

The charm of this man-made it happen. To keep the hype of this character, produced shoot some scenes of this character shirtless and some hot.

Picture: Jamie Fraser
Picture: Jamie Fraser

Things You Don’t Know About Outlander and Jamie Fraser:

Outlander is not just a series to entertain us. In many ways, it becomes important to us to know how people in the 18th century lived and how that involved history.

If you consider yourself just an audience, then you must know why this series, as well as its character, are historically important. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Real Castle

Most people don’t know that the castle shown in this series is real. It’s used as the home of Jamie’s uncle, Colum Mackenzie, and his clan. But the castle you see in this series is known as Doune Castle in Perthshire.

It’s made in the 14th century. A man named Robert Stewart (the Duke of Albany) made this castle. You will see another castle used in this series and that is Blackness Castle.

Picture: Castle in Outlander
Picture: Castle in Outlander

The Battle of Culloden

One of the most pivotal points of the series is the battle of Culloden. It’s not only made this series significant but made it historically important. Yes, this battle is also in history. If you don’t consider all the fictional characters, then it will be easy to imagine the real things.

Actual Fraser Soldier:

Now you know about the battle of Culloden. Do you know that there was a soldier named Fraser, who survived this battle? Yes, you heard right, there actually was a Fraser soldier.

Most of the fans of Outlander don’t know that Jamie Fraser was written based on the real-life Jacobite soldier. The author of the Outlander book ensures that this character was written after reading another book named “Prince in the Heather”

Things Are Not historically Accurate In Outlander:

Nothing is perfect in this world. In this series, these quotes are also true. Critics found lots of things that are not accurate at the show in Outlander.

The Witch Trial

There are lots of popular moments and the witch trial is one of them. The author Diana Gabaldon wrote this scene in her book. So, the director kept this scene in the series as well that we saw in the first season of outlander.

But such a trial took place in Scotland many years ago (approximately 20 years). So, the witch trial in outlander doesn’t make any sense.

Craigh Na Dun

The standing stone is an important event in this series. We saw it at Craigh Na Dun. Claire tried to go back to her time. But when she finally went back in time. Nothing happened there and that is not true as well. Even missing the chemistry between Jamie and Claire when they tried to go through this stone.

What about the Cast?

In Outlander, most of the characters play equally important roles. Here is the name of all key characters of this Historical TV series.

  • Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan)

With enduring strength, Jamie is the key character who has a complicated past. His disarming sense of humor makes him more attractive, especially to the ladies. Not only that, his desire for politics and ambition about it makes him a good leader.

  • Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe)

She is a woman with desperate thinking. We found her as a former British Army nurse who was also strong-willed and quick-witted.

  • Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies)

He is the husband of Claire Randall. We saw how intellectual he is in this series. He also served in the British Intelligence section MI6.

Here is the list of other characters in this series.

  • Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall (Tobias Menzies)
  • Dougal MacKenzie (Graham McTavish)
  • Colum Mackenzie (Gary Lewis)
  • Murtagh Fraser (Duncan Lacroix)
  • Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek)
  • Rupert MacKenzie (Grant O’Rourke)
  • Angus (Stephen Walters)
Picture: Claire Randall in a scene
Picture: Claire Randall in a scene


Outlander is best in both ways like reading the book or watching the TV series. But the story based on historical events is just mind-blowing. In every situation, the author tries to portray characters that we wanted to see in such types of TV series.

As a result, different characters like Jamie Fraser won our hearts not only for their involvement in the story but also for making us dream about him. This is the success story of the characters.

In this series, everything was done right. Its music, costume, locations, and actors are more than perfect. It was obvious to fall in love with this series as well as its characters.

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