Taboo Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

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Finally, there is an official announcement from the BBC for the Taboo season 2. Not only that, they also ensure that this time Tom Hardy is going to hit the screen again.

The second season of Taboo is going to be more dramatic, action-packed, and more grunting. As one of the most successful series, Taboo has a special place in our hearts. After we see the dedication of actors, especially Tom Hardy, it gets more appreciation.

This time the lead character will continue his journey to explore more reality. There are more interesting facts yet to know about the upcoming season of Taboo. Want to know it? Keep reading, you’ll get more.

Picture: Taboo

What is Taboo season 2?

If you are an American Drama and TV series lover, then you must know what Taboo is. This is an action-packed American TV series. The story is set in 1814.

The main plot of this series is about James Delaney played by Tom Hardy. He returned to his country England from Africa with nothing but fourteen stolen diamonds. It reflects the dark side of London when Tom returns to London following the death of his father.

Here you will see everything like action, crime, gangs, the misery of the working class, social discrimination, a wealth of the ring, and many more.

After receiving a great response to the arrival of the first season of the Taboo on January 7, 2017, BBC decided to continue the story. As a result, we’ve got an announcement about taboo season 2.

When Taboo Season 2 Will Air and what is The Expected Release Date?

After releasing the first installment of Taboo, the BBC was able to create hype for the second season. This series also premiered on FX, 3 days after it aired on BBC. Most of the fans expected that the second season would be shot in early 2018. But there were few limitations.

The writer of this original series says that “I’m trying to write it as quickly as I Can”. But the authority quoted that they are also expected to start the shooting next year, which means in 2018. So, nothing happened this year. Yes, it’s come and gone.

Fans didn’t get what’s going on. The writer’s busy schedule forced a delay. In the meantime, we were so busy writing other stories for different platforms.

Not only that, the lead character (Tom Hardy) is also busy with his upcoming project. As we see him in Venom, a Christmas Carol, Capone, and many more. He is also working on the sequels of these movies and dramas.

In 2019, we’ve got an update from the directors. Knight said that the writing for the next season of Taboo is not yet complete. But it’s almost finished. That means they can start shooting in late 2019. They also said that 2020 could be the year for the shooting if the time or situation is not favorable.

What About The Cast of Taboo season 2?

In the previous season of Taboo, we found lots of characters that still have not confirmed that they will come back in the second season. Tom Hardy is the only person who confirmed the return. He won’t come alone. Chips Hardy will come back also.

Knight said that he has a good relationship with all the people who work on the Taboo season 1. So, we can expect that Knight is going to surprise us by bringing in previous actors. He also talked about the lead character Tom. Passion for his work surprised everyone.

Picture: Tom Hardy confirmed his return in Taboo
Picture: Tom Hardy confirmed his return in Taboo

After watching his acting, we discovered how good he is in Taboo season one. He just loves to act in every situation. He also loves the process and the craft. Season 2 will be wonderful because the writer of season 2 wrote the story, keeping Tom Hardy in mind.

Tom Hardy is the person of trust. Yes, everyone trusts this man because he can deliver what the director and fans want for Taboo. There is a potential return of some characters in Taboo Season 2. Here is the list.

  • Lorna Bow/Delaney (Jessie Buckley)
  • Mark Gatiss (the Prince Regent)
  • Stephen Graham (Atticus)
  • David Hayman (Brace)
  • Edward Hogg (Michael Godfrey)
  • Jason Watkins (Solomon Coop)
  • Nicholas Woodeson (Robert Thoyt).
Tom Hardy in Taboo
Picture: Tom Hardy in Taboo

But we’ve got a list for the recurring cast. Let’s know the name.

  • Scroobius Pip (French Bill)
  • Roger Ashton Griffiths (Abraham Appleby)
  • Tom Hollander (George Cholmondeley)
  • Marina Hands (Countess Musgrove)
  • Lucian Msamati (George Chister)
  • Louis Serkis (Robert, James Delaney’s half-brother)

All these characters have a great chance to make a comeback for season 2.

Picture: Lorna Bow in Taboo
Picture: Lorna Bow in Taboo

What Is The Plot of Taboo Season 2?

In the first season of Taboo, we saw how James survived. He set the sail for America. From this story, we’ve found what will be the next steps in Taboo season 2. Knight gives us a spark by saying that there will be more explosive stuff in the second season of Taboo.

The story will guide James to a specific destination. With more details, we are going to find out if this is the end of James or not.

What about the Trailer?

After getting an announcement from the BBC and FX, we are expecting a teaser trailer for the second season of Taboo. It will hit YouTube soon but the time is hard to guess. So, keep an eye on social media as well as other platforms. Who knows, you might get some information about it.


Finally, we are free from worrying about Taboo season 2. The announcement from the authorities not only makes us happy but also curious about this upcoming season. There is an obvious reason behind it.

Most of the personnel working with Taboo give us hints about the story. There will be more action, more details, more spark, and more charming characters. The BBC knows, this upcoming season is going to hit.

Maybe they will announce the 3rd season of Taboo after releasing the season. So, the future is full of surprises. It’s hard to wait to see Tom Hardy again on the TV screen as James.

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