JOANY declutters health care planning

By Akudo McGee 7 Min Read

Whether you’ve changed jobs or are thinking about finding a new health care plan to meet your needs, you would likely agree that it can get pretty complicated. When choices actually exist, it can be difficult to determine which plans are best for you and even more difficult to compare different programs side-by-side to see which plan offers more pros than cons.

I’m still young enough to be on my parents’ health care plan but my time is coming to an end soon and the daunting stack of paperwork I got from my past employer didn’t make me any less anxious about getting there.

What if it were different? What if you had a personal assistant to take all of your information, review the plan choices in your area and comprise a list of your possibilities so that you could objectively locate the plan most suited to you?

Well if that was your dream (that’s a really specific dream to have but okay), you’ve hit the jackpot with JOANY.

Problem, Meet Solution

So how exactly does JOANY alleviate the situation? JOANY’s platform gathers information from every healthcare provider in the country (on and off the market) and uses their algorithm along with your personal information to find the best plan recommendations for you.

They don’t just stop with helping you choose a plan, some of their free tools also help users determine if an error has been made on their medical bill, with locating the best specialist and doctors in their network and with figuring out how to get the best bang for their buck. The end result is a more transparent picture of both your current health coverage and health care plan prospects.

Everything we do at JOANY is solely focused on our customer. We are dedicated to providing a personalized experience with the highest possible service found anywhere. Yes, we said it. Anywhere.

According to their site, their recommendations, in part fueled by machine intelligence and in part by their staff are the same as having 10 data analysts and 10 healthcare experts at your disposal.

Their team is large and includes professionals from a number of backgrounds, including but not limited to customer service agents (called customer happiness associates), operations analysts, IT specialists and software engineers.

By now you may be thinking that your frustration has been heard and you finally never have to go another paycheck, throwing money at a health care plan that doesn’t cover the services you need…unless you’re like me and you’re now full of questions. In case you’re half as paranoid and skeptical as I am, read on!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sign-up process work? Well, it takes 5 minutes and you can start from the main page of their website. You start by identifying your neighborhood through your zip code, this ensures that the plans offered to you are the most relevant. Next, you fill out some basic information about who needs to be covered under your plan (yourself, spouse, dependents etc).

You then answer some questions about your medical background including your prescription medications (to make sure they’re covered), how many doctors visits you think you may make next year and some income information to see if you qualify for any government discounts.

That’s it! In just 4 steps JOANY will look for the plans that best suit you and send a list to your email address. Best of all, because the information is tailored to you specifically, you are assured that your healthcare network will work best for your unique needs and your doctors will take your insurance.

How much will this set you back? So you may be thinking that for a service that does so much and searches through so many options to find the right ones for you, you’re going to have to pay a pretty penny. The good news is that their services will remain free forever. This is possible because JOANY makes $12 from your health plan which is paid through the plan directly, not by you.

If you’re worried about your information being exposed they’ve got you covered on that base as well. Your information is kept secure and as soon as it’s indicated that you’ve found and joined a health care plan, it’s all deleted so no information remains on their site after it’s no longer useful for you to find a plan. There are no available health care plans that aren’t offered so you won’t feel cheated in that aspect either.

That’s a Wrap!

Sound too good to be true? You’re welcome to try it out. I filled out their form in less than 5 minutes on their website. For me two big things matter, the first is that customer information is used and stored properly and not vulnerable to improper exposure.

My second concern is the objectivity of the information. Since the startup itself receives payment no matter what plan you use and doesn’t charge you a fee, they promise their stance is neutral and not motivated towards one plan or another for any other reason than it being the best option for you.

Assuming these promises are kept, this would be an amazing service, especially for those of us who have complicated healthcare circumstances, need additional services not offered with every health plan and/or those of us who are new to healthcare shopping in general. What could be better than a free team of healthcare assistants in your pocket?

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