Lady Loki: The Biggest Mystery of Loki In Marvel

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Marvel Cinematic Universe is always best to reveal surprises and Lady Loki is their latest key character in their next storyline. In the Loki series, we knew that something was going to happen.

Fans are surprised after identifying the presence of the lady version of Loki that is also a twist in the storyline. This is a variant of Loki, who always loves to trick people.

This lady version is related to the alternate timeline that we figured out in the 3rd episode of Loki. But there is more to know about this mysterious charterer that goes by Sylvie.

In this review, you can find more secrets about her. Without wasting time, let’s jump into the deep.

Who Is Lady Loki?

Fans of MCU and Marvel comics know everything about Loki like other superheroes and villains. But this time Loki gives us more sparky feelings with the lady Loki. Yes, you heard right. She is the Loki variant that we see in the Loki series.

We still believe she is from another timeline because the plot guided us to believe it. But it’s not an “Another Loki”. This version represents her as Sylvie.

MCU tried to combine this lady version with the actual Loki form. In the comic, we found, this lady version has a separate entity. For this character, MCU goes a bit off the reservation.

Yes, they make it more interesting than the actual comic. Now, it’s time to see what is going to happen next.

Picture: Lady Version of Loki in Marvel comic
Picture: Lady Version of Loki in Marvel comic

The Actual Lady Loki in Marvel Comics:

Loki is a tricky person that comes as a shapeshifter in Marvel. To mess around, he uses his different version of tricks many times. In the film Thor: Ragnarok, we saw how he is messing around.

In Thor, Volume 3, Loki emerged as a woman. Could you believe it? Not only that, this version was there for the long haul. This presence shocked the fans in almost every way but we love this form and accept it as the female version.

The timeline is getting different from what we found in the series. He was stuck in this form. Not permanently but for a while to complete a few events. But the term Lady Loki is confusing for many Marvel fans. Yes, it sounds like the original version of the character. But something is hiding with this lady character.

We saw in the Marvel comics, Lady Version sets us to go a long way. Maybe MCU is also going to follow a similar path with more interesting facts for us.

Picture: Loki and His Lady Version
Picture: Loki and His Lady Version

10 Things You Should Know About Lady Loki:

If you are a Marvel comic fan then ask yourself how much you know about this lady version of Loki. After their debut in Marvel, she made herself a mysterious but intriguing character.

Recently, we saw the evil Loki Variant as Lady Loki. This character represents the iconic character’s long history that we already knew from the comic. Here are the 10 interesting facts you should know about this lady version of Loki.

Ashes of Ragnarok

In Asgardian mythology, we found lady version of Loki from the beginning. When Surtur destroys Asgard and kills Thor brutally, we thought that this is the end of the most iconic character.

Loki proves the theory wrong. His constant cycle of death and rebirth results in Lady Version. So, this is not an end for Loki at all.

Double Trouble

In Thor & Loki: Double Trouble, the lady version of Loki returned targeting a younger audience. Thor & Loki trying to navigate another timeline where they meet Lady Loki. Her appearance makes the situation worse. To bring her to the main Marvel universe of Earth, Marvel is using such different alternatives.


Reborn as a woman wasn’t easy for Loki. It becomes more complicated when he tries to return to the body of Lady Sif. After the rebirth, she got almost everything about Loki like personality, flaws, and skills.

Seeking Hela

We saw how she is looking for another major Marvel villain Hela (the Goddess of Death). This seeking has a purpose and that is to aid her to transform the bank into a male form.

Picture: Hela
Picture: Hela

Impersonating the Scarlet Witch

She knows that she wasn’t done messing around. Her return in the Loki series proves that her tenure involved impersonating the scarlet. That’s how she managed the team avenger to battle against Cthon.

The Cabal

She also joined Cable. Cable is known as a secret group of supervillains. In this group, there are many other infamous baddies.

Secret Invasion

Maybe there is a chance to see her in another Series of Disney+ and that is Secret Invasion. When the Skrulls started to attack Earth as a part of a massive invasion, this lady version tried to get her revenge.


When Loki figured him out in the body of a human woman then he got help from Thor. That’s how Loki restored his original form. On the other hand, Sif gets her body back.

Agent of Asgard

After returning in the male form he returns in the next comic book series named Loki: Agent of Asgard.

The Tenth Realm

Loki came back to the main plot of Marvel but “The Tenth Realm” established a theory for Loki that means it’s not that simple as we thought. On the other hand, in 2014, we also found that Loki is gender fluid. So, lady version of Loki will be back in the future.

Picture: Loki is playing an important role in Marvel
Picture: Loki is playing an important role in Marvel


Sometimes, we think that Lady Loki is a mysterious addition to Marvel. But it makes us more curious to watch her in the MCU. As we know, Loki is best at changing shape and using tricks.

His female version has been just like that. Marvel continued the tradition to surprise fans but added more spark to the main plot after introducing a lady version of Loki. This primary version of the character is stealing the show with some heroism to villainy performance.

Somehow, she becomes one of the key characters for Marvel. Things are getting interesting for the lady version of Loki and we’re eagerly waiting to see what will happen next with this character.

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