Wombo Combo: The Viral Smash Video of All Time

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It is the only popular example of a perfectly timed combination attack. At a Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament, this attack stunted everyone. This happened between two teams named SilentSpectre and Tang against Zhu and Lucky.

The best part of this attack was, there wasn’t any chance to escape or avoid the combo. In a few seconds, everything was over. It was a complete defeat and we feel lucky to see such an attack.

From that time, this combo has made a hype and players are still trying to perform such a combo. But the best thing happens once in a decade. This was also true about the Wombo Combo. Interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s discover more unknown facts about this popular YouTube video.

Wombo Combo
Picture: Wombo Combo

What is Wombo Combo?

On the internet, there are lots of smash videos. But few of them are recognizable. If you are a lover of such smash videos then Wombo Combo must be your favorite one. This is ranked as the most competitive smash video online.

It happened in a California Tournament where the MohemDade Waffle, Phil, and Mango. Since the competition, it has become very popular and defines one of the most humorous reactions like “That Ain’t Falco!”, and “Get Yo Ass Whooped!”

This is the sound that is used in many other smashing videos. Later it was uploaded online with the commentary.

Picture: Wombo Combo Video Snap
Picture: Wombo Combo Video Snap

What is the Origin?

Most of the fans of Smash video know about the SCSA West Coast Circuit Super Smash Bros. melee tournament. It was held on December 6th, 2008. That year, fans enjoyed lots of memorable moments. But one was to draw everyone’s attention and that is a double match.

It happened between two teams. One is the green team consisting of player SilentSpectre as Captain Falcon and Player Tang as Fox. Another team was a Blue team of players Zhu and Lucky as Fox.

The green team was the hero of the game and defeated the blue team within a few seconds. For that, the green team executes the doubles combo against Zhu. That time the commentator loudly yells different phases.

Two days later, a YouTuber comes to the limelight by uploading footage of the match and this video makes history. It gained over 10.3 million views.

Not only that, he receives 22,300 comments as well. Can you imagine how much hype this smashing video creates? It’s unbelievable!

Timeline of Spreading Wombo Combo Video:

This smashing video took only a few years to become the top smashing and popular video internet. Here is the

December 9th, 2008

The word “Wombo Combo” was submitted for inclusion in the Urban Dictionary. The meaning of this phrase is described as “zero-to-death Ownage”. There is another name also included and that is “Destroyed very quickly”

March 30th, 2009

A person named Feral Druid knew as a YouTuber uploaded a clip of Pokemon. But this YouTuber included audio that was picked from a Wombo Combo video.

May 12th, 2009

On this day, another YouTuber Balladechina212 uploaded a video of this smashing video. This video was picked from Super Smash Bros Melee match which is also known as “Wombo Combo 2”

Picture: Smash Bros Melee
Picture: Smash Bros Melee

May 9th, 2010

On the Smash Wiki, there is a specific page that was created. Guess the page name? Yes, “Wombo Combo”

September 28th, 2011

With the original audio, another YouTuber MineKraft posted video footage. This footage was taken from League of Legends.

October 4th, 2012

YouTuber Dann Median also used the audio from this smashing video for the footage of the dodgeball match and uploaded it to YouTube.

November 27th, 2013

Did you remember a video that was titled “Working as a T.E.A.M.: The Wombo Combo”? YouTube Sky Williams posted it and explained how perfectly everything in this fight was executed. He also praised teamwork.

May 31st, 2015

To share impressive kills and how it’s executed in League of Legends, the YouTuber iFunzio posted a video. But the title was ‘Best Wombo Combos Montage 2013-2915″

Picture: YouTube Channel iFunzio
Picture: YouTube Channel iFunzio

Are There Any Sequels?

Wombo Combo 2:

After the real satire by SS and Tang vs. Phil and Falcomist on Corneria, HMW said this is another Wombo Combo. Grand finals 2.2 was taken in San Francisco, CA and the date is 05.02.09.

Wombo Combo 3

Do you remember the stage of the original Wombo Combo? The third one also happened in this stage with SS/Tang vs. Shroomed/D.P at the battlefield. This time the version got another name “The Happy Meal Combo”. The commentator was HMW and Darrell.

The UGS Combo

Do you know that there is a European version of Wombo Combo? This was done by Aniolas and Armada vs. Ironically and Falco on the battlefield. But this video is also quite popular like the original one.

Unknown facts of Wombo Combo:

  • The Wombo Combo that we know is the original one was used on a Fox. But some assume that it was Falco.
  • There is one Combo you’ll find that didn’t come from any battlefield and that is Wombo Combo 2. It took place in Corneria.
  • The 3rd one was performed by the Silent Spectres Falcon and Tang’s Fox. But it happened long before parter was eliminated.
  • Silent Spectre’s Falcon and Tang’s Fox perform for one Wombo Combo and that is the UGS combo.
  • The original sound clip of Wombo Combo is used in different videos in multiple places.


Finally, the Wombo Combo makes a place in our hearts. The execution of a combo is always best in our eyes. But a few of them are memorable to us and this one is the best of them. It becomes viral on online platforms not only for the perfect execution of the combo but also for the loud celebration.

It makes the winning combo more exciting. All the praise was impressive and described beautifully. For the unique move, we got an impressive explanation.

We saw how the audio and video went viral. Even it dubbed for many other videos. That’s how it stands for all types of smashing video nowadays.

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