Let’s Make Sex Less Stressful

By Nicole Fryer 4 Min Read

Sex is pretty fun. That’s something that most of us can agree on. But what about buying and preparing for the big event? That’s something that isn’t always as fun. Think about it: who wants to go to the drugstore to buy a pack of condoms? There’s tons to choose from, and if you’re not sure what you or your partner prefer, choosing the right ones can be a headache in itself.

Let’s not even mention shopping for lubes and sex toys. The shopping experience is not only stressful, but it can be awkward real quick. No one wants to go up to a cashier with boxes of condoms. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could get your sex supplies online from a place you can trust?

Luckily, that will soon be possible. There’s a new brand of sex essentials coming to the United States. Maude will be releasing in late 2017 into early 2018. Founded by Maya Bodinger, Dina Epstein, and Eva Goicochea, Maude is taking a modern approach to sex and sexual health.

The company is launching condoms, lube, and vibrators to start, all with discreet packaging. Not to mention, their products are more natural – the condoms are made from 100% natural rubber, the vibrators are made from 100% natural silicone, and the lube is made with natural ingredients. With drugstore condoms, you never know what type of harsh chemicals could be used. Say goodbye to not knowing and say hello to more natural sex products!

Discretion is a major part of Maude’s image. All of their products come in very discreet and simple packaging. There’s no need to be embarrassed if you’re caught holding a box of their product. Not to mention, they’ll ship your order directly to your door, so that saves a trip out to the store, and it skips the whole awkward process of buying sex toys and condoms.

Like I said before, the company has not launched yet, but they will begin launching their products later in 2017 into early 2018, so there is a bit of a wait until you are able to buy their product, but they’ll be here before you know it! Until then, some of their products are available to pre-order online.

The company is offering a special right now, where they’ll send you a free three-pack of their condoms, all you have to do is pay the cost of shipping. More details are on their website. But hey, for just a couple bucks for shipping, it’s a great way to test their products.

Plus, why turn down almost-free condoms? Currently, the company is only shipping out in the United States, so if you’re elsewhere in the world, unfortunately, you’re out of luck. However, they are planning to expand their shipping locations, so keep checking their website for further updates.

Healthy and safe sex shouldn’t have to be awkward. Neither should buying the supplies for it. Maude sex products and services are about to change the way we buy sex products. To learn more about their products and for more information, visit getmaude.com. They also have Twitter and Instagram so you can stay up to date about their release and other product information.

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