Is Living for Instagram Making Millenials Less Likely to Find Success in their Careers?

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Especially the social platforms are giving us the boost we need to live even the millennial. Many of them are living for Instagram, one of the most powerful platforms in social media. If we‘ll call technology a blessing, then I don’t know how many times I’ll have to count it! It is nothing that much difficult to understand how much powers it has given us over our surroundings and on things beyond that.

Millennial is a generation born between the late ‘70s and the mid-‘90s. But the ratio of doing a job is less than 28%, especially in the United States of America. That means more than 70% are earning their livelihood adopting other options like using social networks like Instagram.

Living for Instagram- Why and how it is affecting the world?

Indeed it sounds good that millennials are very much native to the digital platform. As a part of living for Instagram, They love to stay connected to explore can get out of it. Along with that, it became a comfort zone for them. Besides, it became a media to explore creativity, which even comes from a late-night selfie as well.

So, innovation is helping the Millennial to find a way not only to earn but also build a career. Undoubtedly, Instagram is becoming an option for millennials who are still seeking a path to build a career in the social platform. 

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Millennials, the Strongest Group on Instagram

This generation has already set a milestone that undoubtedly beyond all other social platforms. Instagram became successful to keep the Millenials using the platform. As a result, almost half of the total millennials of the United States of America using Instagram and the ratio is almost 59%. It’s amazing indeed! The number became double in the last five years. Even the clock is ticking to reach another couple of milestones. Clearly, It owns more than 1 million advertisers. That’s why e-Marketers are thinking to invest in it. 

So what is the great cause influencing millennials to find success on Instagram? Let’s dig out the truth.

Is Living for Instagram Making Millenials Less Likely to Find Success in their Careers?

Visual content with a streamlined interface

Clearly, Millennials have a tendency to drive their attention to find out and consuming visual content. First of all, this method applied by other social platforms, but the streamlined interface becomes a preference than the other and an older platform like facebook and twitter. So, this is the one, which leads the way to get the party to success in social media. Older networks are full of the audience from generation X. Millennials do not interact with them in many cases also. Clearly, Millennials found a free room to walk on Instagram.

Is Living for Instagram Making Millenials Less Likely to Find Success in their Careers?

Plenty of Sponsorship

Because of the massive following and activity, various sponsors are finally offering deals. This is the trigger where people like millennials get paid. This is the first step to thinking about the career on Instagram. Maybe it’s not an expected job market, but a great way to make some money.

People are smart enough to understand the importance of sharing, viewing and driving to get the benefit. The massive following opens up the opportunity to get a sponsor to promote a certain product. But the key tools are the user accounts that influence the follower. So, making a career on Instagram is not a tough job with a large company’s sponsorship. Overall, to be successful in this platform, make some audience and connect them with your lifestyle.

In this case, millennials are a perfect generation who is doing this in perfect ways as a part of living for Instagram. They know how to present their lifestyle with a specific intention on Instagram.

It also happens that, building the audience becomes quite hard if you do not trigger the perfect way. So, lots of work needs to be done to attract sponsorship. Even some third parties come forward to help the millennials who are struggling to make their careers on Instagram and seeking such opportunities in a dedicated way. 

Scope of Affiliate Market

According to recent activities in online, affiliate marketing took place to make some growth in business adopting the online method. The online social platform became the key to get connected with millions of people at a time. Just enter the picture and clearly, get all the details about the certain product. Instagram is considering the fastest way to get the people under a single roof. But the millennials are doing the job, who loves to adopt this strategy to make some money. Obviously, they came up with a business mindset. In fact, they are grabbing more and more content to attract followers who are become a buyer for a certain product. 

The Burnout Generation

The bitter truth about millennials is that they are not engaged with the job and it should be noted that the ratio is approximately 71%. Yes, you heard that right. Clearly, it indicates how desperate and unhappy they’re in the job sector. In fact, they love fresh and new challenges instead of binding their lives with any organization. Clearly, they are not teenagers anymore. They grow old enough to understand what’s going on out there.

Most of the millennials are dissatisfied, especially with the outcome they want. But there are lots of differences between reality and what they expect. It’s true that millennials are sharing their lives on Instagram by sharing photos, uploading videos and experience. But it does not reflect what’s on their mind. This generation is sensitive and desperate.

As a result, they feel dissatisfied. They have to compete with some insane ambition. This generation is special. However, they are not prepared for rejection. In short, it is set in their mind that they are standing in a higher position, which is even not a match for the others. This thinking and expectations are beyond the reality which drives them to face harsh situations.

Way to Engage Millenials in Social Media

It’s not an easy job to keep this generation in touch with social media here when they feel they are done with it. It’s not that simple to crack them. But adopting some of the coolest ways here can make it possible. Let’s see how to draw their attention.

  • An advertising campaign indeed cannot afford to deliver content in usual ways. Clearly, they need to be passionate about it. Moreover, they have to deal with that generation which is much and more passionate about things.
  • Videos can be another effective tool over here. Nowadays, most of the videos come with an interesting topic, high resolution and captivate. This method makes the millennial dance on the floor. Even some new hashtag stickers and filters can make them more comfortable in this platform to spend their time.
  • The contents must be unique obviously. Even it can offer the user to participate to post their videos and pictures to share their ideas and feelings. It can be an interesting part of the millennial.
  • Most of the time you will find the topic which is a trend on Instagram. People want to get the next big fish. This generation loves to pick the things that are becoming not only the trend but also keep it running to go to a higher position. But don’t make it political and controversial. They do not like any kind of offensive topic.
  • Do not try to make them feel that they are being diverted somehow. Offer them the right content with the right package. They know what they need to pick there. So, get them where they are in the business you want to develop with them.

Final Words

Above all, the transformation of ideas and making some progress is the last thing that keeps the millennial-focused on Instagram as the bright side of living for Instagram. But it’s hard to keep doing that. Clearly, they don’t want to sit for a long time, which cannot flourish their life in such ways. As a result of some effects on Instagram, it cannot ensure the future of entrepreneurship to explore the business with millennials there. This also became a reason to be less successful in their careers in social media like Instagram.

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