Maria Felix: The Most Beautiful And Talented Actress of Mexican Cinema

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Mexican Cinema gives us lots of talented and gorgeous actors and actresses and Maria Felix is one of them. She is still considered a talented actress who offered some extraordinary work.

This gorgeous lady came into the limelight at an early age. Everyone started to notice her. As a result, she got lots of achievements, and getting the Beauty Queen title is one of these.

She got it at the University of Guadalajara. After some failure in her personal life, Maria moved to the most popular Mexico City and started to enjoy a golden life.

There are lots of facts and secrets she holds that we need to know. We’ve discussed some of these below.

Who is Maria Felix?

If you are a Mexican movie Lover then you have already heard about Maria Felix. She ruled the Mexican movie industry for a while with her beauty, talent and dedication.

Her full name is Maria De Los Angeles Felix Guerena. On 8 April 1914, this talented lady was born and died on 8 April 2002. Not only an actress but she is known for her singing skill as well.

In the Latin American industry, she is the most successful and influential figure. Her strong personality makes her successful at an early age.

She is a diva and completed 47 films from different countries and worked in different films in Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, and Argentina.

Biography of Maria Felix:

It’s true, Maria Felix is a larger-than-life character. She is more of a star than an actress but very much tough in personality. Still, how much do we know about her?

Let’s have a glance at some key information about Maria Felix that might help you to read and understand this review.

BornApril 8, 1914, in Alamo, Sonora, Mexico
DiedApril 8, 2002, in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Medic
Reason of DiedCongestive Heart Failure
Birth NameMaria de los Angeles Félix Guereña
NicknamesMaria Bonita, La Dona
Height5’9” (1.75 m)
SpouseAlex Berger (1956 – 1974) till his death Jorge Negrete (18 October 1951 – 5 December 1953) till death Agustin Lara (1945 – October 1947) Divorced Raul Prado Gutierrez (17 June 1943) divorced Enrique Alvarez Alatorre (1931 – 1938) divorced, 1 child
ChildrenEnrique Alvarez Felix
ParentsBernardo Felix Flores Josefina Guerena Rosas
RelativesKuno Becker (Niece or Nephew) Maria Del Carmen Felix (Niece or Nephew) Maria Von Ritchie Lopez (Cousin)
Trade MarkArched right eyebrow
Net Worth$100K – 1M (Approx.)
OccupationActress, Singer
Birth SignAries
Picture: Maria Bonita, La Dona
Picture: Maria Bonita, La Dona

Early Life of Maria Felix:

Maria de Los Ángeles Félix Güereña born on April 8 in 1914 and she was one of the 16 children born to Bernardo Felix Flores. Her father was an Army Officer.

Her mother’s name is Josefina Guerena Rosas. When she was 17, she got admission to the university. For that reason, Maria moved to Guadalajara.

In this university, Maria got her first appreciation for beauty and was crowned as the Beauty Queen. At the same time, she met Enrique Alvarez Alatorre. After a deep romance, she married him and had a blessed child named Enrique who was born in 1935.

In 1938, they divorced and Maria moved to Mexico City with her child. It was for skipping all the gossip about her personal life. Soon, she got a job as a secretary of a plastic surgeon.

What About Her Film Career?

Maria has a versatile life for her film career. It was a golden time for the Mexican film industry when she started to work as an actress. The filmmaker named Fernando Palacios discovered her for this sector.

Before she started to work in the Mexican Film industry, she rejected Hollywood offers. She did a Mexican Movie named EL Penon De Las Animas (The Rock of Souls). This film was released in 1942.

Maria shared the screen with the hugely popular figure Jorge Negrete. This movie was a huge success and Maria got her recognition from the film.

Picture: Movie Poster
Picture: Movie Poster

Her recognition gets more stability after doing another two movies named Eugenia in 1942 and Dona Barbara in 1943. From that time Maria started to enjoy her stardom.

The movie named Dona Barbara helps to establish her as a femme fatale image who is a strong woman and overcoming different difficult situations. In the Mexican movie industry, Maria also established her image as a van through two movies named La Mujer Sin Alma (1944) and La devoradora (1946).

In 1946, she met Emilio Fernandes. He is another popular filmmaker. With this filmmaker, Maria goes for another three movies and these are

  • Enamorada (1947)
  • Rio Escondido (1947)
  • Maclovia (1948)

These three movies also help her to break her usual vamp image. Even she got two Ariel Awards for these. All these movies, especially La Diosa Arrodillada (1947) were her hey steps that let her enter Europe.

This movie along with Roberto Gavaldon announces her presence. A few times later, she met Cesareo Gonzales. He is a popular Spanish film producer. This is the key point, Maria changed her direction to Europe.

The Death of Maria Felix:

Sad but true, everyone we love has to go forever. Mara Felix also follows the same way. She died on her 88th birthday. Yes, the day was April 8, 2002 when she was sleeping at her home in Mexico City.

Picture: Mexican Film Industry had a golden time
Picture: Mexican Film Industry had a golden time


It’s time to finish the line for the most famous Mexican Movie Star Maria Felix. Doubtlessly, she will live in our hearts forever. His personal life, activities, achievements, and the character she played in the movie makes her unique in the Mexican industry.

Fans always love to watch her beauty. Yes, she was the rare person who was entitled “Beauty with the brain”. 2002 was the saddest year for the fans.

She passed away but kept us knocking about her achievement and work. Only a few Latin American women reach this height. Thanks, Maria, for entertaining us. We’ll miss you as long as we live.

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