Miss Frizzle: Facts You Need To Know About This Incredible Science Teacher

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We can’t forget Miss Frizzle who is blessed with knowledge and gets the most attention in “The Magic School Bus”. In the anime series, we saw her playing an important role as a teacher.

She is a former second, third, and fourth-grade school teacher. We know Walkerville Elementary as well because of her. She was in the research profession.

Even most of the children know him because she is everywhere. Yes, from “The Magic School Bus” to the TV show, this lady rules the story.

How much still do we know about her? She indeed rocks as a teacher, especially when she is on spectacular experiential field trips with her students.

Here is a more inspiring story we can tell about her. Check it out from below.

Who is Miss Frizzle?

Do you remember “The Magic School Bus”? If you remember it, then you also remember Miss Frizzle – the most appropriate character. She is an incredible science teacher and goes with her students for the incredible field trip.

On every trip, she tries to cover different topics that have something new and easy to learn for her student. Ms. Frizzle always goes outside to learn.

The good side is, this character adopts an inquiry-based technique for teaching that most people love.

Picture: Miss Frizzle
Picture: Miss Frizzle

Quick Review of Ms. Frizzle:

Some key information you might need to know about Ms. Frizzle to get a clear view. Have a glance at them.

QuotesWahoo! Take chances, make mistakes, and (get messy/something related to field trip)
NameProfessor Valerie Felicity Frizzle, Ph.D. MSc, Ed.D
Other namesVal Gal (by Molly Cole) Val (by her adult friends) The strangest teacher in school (At the Waterworks, and the climate challenge) Dauntless (alias in A Magic School Bus Halloween)
AffiliationWalkerville Elementary School
OccupationResearch professor, former 3rd/4th-grade teacher
Pronouns in EnglishShe, Her (First used in the book series)
LikesResearching scientific topics and answering the calls of her former students or other Walkervillians.
DislikesWhen the bus breaks down, the fact that she got promoted (she misses the kids)
DebutThe Magic School Bus at the Waterworks
VoiceLily Tomlin (All series) Gabby Clarke (Google’s mistake in Rides Again) Tina Marie Goff (CD-Rom video games from Microsoft Home) Judy Graubert (Scholastic Audio Cassettes)

What About The Magic School Bus Rides Again With Miss Frizzle?

Netflix knew that “The Magic School Bus” still had some grip for the fans. Yes, this online streaming platform rebooted the series. This time Ms. Frizzle becomes professor frizzle.

This time she will come back with several doctorates and different degrees. In this new upcoming series, we will see Frizzle as a retired person.

Her younger sister will take her place. Do you know her? Yes, we are talking about Ms. Fiona Frizzle.

Picture: Fans love Ms. Frizzle very much
Picture: Fans love Ms. Frizzle very much

As a researcher and science teacher, Ms. Frizzle showed lots of clever moves in different situations. All the things she did are still memorable and fun. That’s how Frizzle becomes the best and favorite teacher.

Her fashion sense, the way she talks, especially how she motivates kids to take the risk to learn something new are best in this series. Here are some best quotes are given below.

  • Welcome to outer space, class. The Only Planetarium is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • As I always say, look to Mother Nature for the best of everything.
  • In just a few moments, we’ll be landing in Arnold’s stomach. Thank you for flying digestion Airways.
  • The best way to know is to do.
  • As I always say, make mistakes, make mistakes, and make mistakes! It’s the best way to learn something.
  • Don’t forget to look for connections!
  • Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!
  • If you keep asking questions, you’ll keep getting answers.
  • Where the road ends, the adventure begins!
  • As I always say, for every trip, there’s a road map.
Picture: The Magic School Bus
Picture: The Magic School Bus

Did You Notice Miss Frizzle’s New Clothes?

Ms. Frizzle’s wardrobe is one of the most memorable parts of the series. Her dress sense is epic but best in the race. Most of the fans say her current dress-up is a better example of perfection.

The reboot option for Netflix may come with some changes for the wardrobe of Ms. Frizzle. Do you remember that Ms. Frizzle once wore a seashell-printed bodysuit? How did she look?

It won’t pass any dress code standard in the present situation. So, the creator must think about it. One more thing, she wore a pair of magenta triceratops heels.

She wore it when learned about dinosaurs. The fun fact is, this hill can kill a dinosaur. In another situation, she wore a food dress. Her tiny umbrella shoes also drew our attention when studying the weather.

Facts You Need To Know About Miss Frizzle:

After watching the complete series and reading the book, we still need to focus on some magical facts about Ms. Frizzle. Here are some of these facts that can make you more energetic and curious about “The Magic School Bus”.

  • The editor got some inspiration from the love for the field trips that we found “The Magic School Bus”.
  • Ms. Frizzle is a character inspired by several real-life people.
  • To get help to design all the students of “The Magical School Bus as well as Ms. Frizzle, the designer named braces used his children’s class photos.
Picture: "The Magic School Bus" Book
Picture: “The Magic School Bus” Book


“The Magic School Bus” is undoubtedly one of the best series for everyone. Children are very much influenced by this series. Some key characters of this series draw everyone’s attention and Miss Frizzle is one of those who is illustrated by Bruce Degan.

Through this character, the illustrator tried to tell some interesting stories and let children visit the wonderful world of science. We saw this lady in both TV shows and books.

All the field tips make us curious all the time and let everyone ask what will happen next. To answer, Ms. Frizzle is always ready.

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