Min Min: The Best Playable Fighting Character In ARMS And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Min Min: The Best Playable Fighting Character In ARMS And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate introduced another new character called Min Min following the trend of surprising fans. Without any specific strategy, it’s hard to play the game with this character.

After the best utilization of this character, you can easily win the battle. Getting crazy about her? From the franchise, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the Fifth installment.

Through this entry, this franchise made us happy by offering different characters with different capabilities and moves. It’s all about the style and strategy.

The character we are talking about is the key point of attraction in this installment. Here are all the details you need to know before choosing this character as your next avatar.

Min Min: The Best Playable Fighting Character In ARMS And Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Picture: Min Min

Who Is Min Min?

If you know about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate then you’ll already know what Min Min is? It is a fictional character. From the beginning, this character was treated as a playable fighter.

She is from the fighting video game named ARMS. This game was first released in 2017 by Nintendo EPD. In this series of games, she is the only character that got the most attraction and popularity.

There are lots of reasons behind it. Its outfit, design, abilities, and playing strategies make her different from other playable characters of ARMS.

Fans love her from the debut. Because of her popularity, the franchise decided to bring her back in their new edition of the gaming platform.

This time we’ve her as a stronger character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In the line of players, she is the 7th downloadable character.

Picture: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Picture: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

What Is Her Character Specification?

To know some technical facts about Min Min take a look at the table below.

Alternate NamesThe Ramen Bomber
DebutARMS (2017)
Most Recent Non-Smash AppearanceKaraoke JOYSOUND for Nintendo Switch (2017 cameo)
Console of OriginNintendo Switch
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye  ColorGreen
HomeworldNintendo Noodle House (Home and employer)
Designed byMasaaki Ishikawa
Voice ActorHaruna Takatsu

Appearances and Character Description:

On top of that, her spiraled irises make her different from other characters of the human form.

To make her more attractive, the designer made her eyes green, blonde hair, straight-cut bangs, and a fringe. Additionally, his orange mask makes her more dramatic and makes us believe something unimaginable truth.

She also has noodle arms! Yes, when she is fully charged to attract the opponent, her left noodle arm transforms dramatically. Do you know what it becomes? It’s a dragon.

She wears an orange athletic shirt with an orange beanie shaped like an upside-down ramen bowl. The designer makes her appearance as a Chinese playable fighter. She is a girl of 18 years and running a family’s restaurant business.

From the official statement, the height of Min Min is 5’5″. Like other cast members in ARMS, this girl also has some different abilities.

Using all these abilities, she can perform and beat almost every type of opponent. Her noticeable ability is to kick and deflect incoming ARMS.

What Are Her Attributes in ARMS?

Undoubtedly, this playable character got popular in a short time for many reasons. Her available attributes also played a vital role to keep the overall status up. Here are her attributes given below.

  • Fire
  • Electric
  • Wind
  • Stun
  • Explosion
  • Ice
  • Blind
  • Poison
  • Null
Picture: Nintendo Arms
Picture: Nintendo Arms

What are Her Moveset and Controls?

If you are trying to play ARMS or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate then this part of the review is for you. She has some special and core move sets. 

To make the arm behave more unique you can use some different controls. We’ve mentioned every detail below about it.

Special Move ControlsSpecial TypeSpecial Move NameDescription
BNeutral SpecialRight arm punchPunch with right arm
Left Stick Left/Right + BSide SpecialRight arm punchSends right arm out in a punch, left and right directions
Left Stick Up + BUp SpecialArms Jump (Armhook midair)Hold to jump higher (Armhook is recovery)
Left Stick Down + BDown SpecialSwitch ArmsSwitch between three Arms
B when FS Meter is FullFinal SmashArms RushA Flurry of punches using both Arms

What About the Final Smash?

All the fans love to watch the Final Smash of the Min Min. Yes, we are talking about the Arms Rush. This action is almost identical to the Spring Mans Assist Trophy used. It’s all about the flurry of punches. For that, she uses her both arms.

What Are The Weaknesses of Min Min?

Every playable character in Arms is not filled with all the necessary power. There are some weaknesses as well. According to the terminology, Min Min has some weaknesses as well. So what are they?

Most of the attacks we saw from this character are long-ranged. In the close shot, she is vulnerable. This is her key weakness we’ve noticed during playtime.

One more thing, she cannot make any obstacle when the opponent attacks her from the above. It’s also mentionable. If you are facing as a player such an attack from the above, then use neutral air to make her safe from the hit.

Does Min Min Have Different Fists?

Yes, she got three types of different fists that can be used to knock out the opponent. Have a glance at them.

The Ramram

This fist causes the lowest damage and works like a boomerang. It is thrown out and returned to her.

The Dragon

As a projectile, this fist has been used to shoot lasers. This effect out across the stage. To perform this stage, hold down the attack button.

The Megawatt

This fist causes the highest damage and makes the opponent fly across stages.

Picture: Victory Pose of Min Min
Picture: Victory Pose of Min Min


Min Min is indeed a unique but Zoner-type character. Her gameplay is not only excellent but fun to watch. From her outfit to ability and skill, everything is loved by the fans.

Recent research showed that most of the players choose her as the primary character for the fighting. Thanks to the designer of this character to make it more attractive with various ARMS.

To use her ability perfectly, a player must need to consider the range with the opponent. Without the strategy, she will struggle to fight. Most of the time, she loses when there is a lack of strategies.

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