Momo Avatar: How Momo Becomes A Part of Avatar Gang?

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Undoubtedly, Momo avatar is the brightest part of the most popular cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. As we see, the Avatar series is full of different, intelligent, cute hybrid animals.

Some of them become worthy pets for the characters. Fans of older age also love these animals. But Momo draws the most attention that shows affection, love, tricks, and wisdom.

Yes, this flying lemur comes with lots of hilarious facts. Because of the role, Momo got one of the biggest fan bases around the world. But it’s been many years since the first season of this cartoon series was released.

Despite, there are few chances to see Momo again, we love to share more details about him.

Momo Avatar: How Momo Becomes A Part of Avatar Gang?
Picture: Momo

Who Is Momo?

Among all the pets and hybrid creatures, Momo is the best. This creature is a lemur. We know him as Aang’s pet.

First, Aang found Momo in the southern Air temple, and from that, he became the cutest pet in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Momo has a curious and intelligent personality but loves to stay with his friend in a fun and playful way.

From time to time, we saw more characteristics in Momo. Even momo is capable of understanding the language of other creatures like Appa. We saw there was a strong bond between Momo Avatar and Appa.

Momo Avatar: How Momo Becomes A Part of Avatar Gang?
Picture: Aang & Momo

Momo’s Original Name & Design:

You might not know that Momo’s design changed dramatically. Yes, you cannot match Momo’s early concept art with the present one but not the name. Originally, the name and design were different.

In this cartoon series, Momo was inspired by a specific character. Momo was influenced by the character of Totoro himself. He is a hybrid animal that is almost similar to a lemur. But the co-creator wanted to blend more things with this character.

Yes, Bryan Konietzko’s Childhood cat named Buddy was cute enough that should be adopted in Momo’s face. So, he tried to bring it into Momo as much as possible. As a result, we found Momo as an inspiration for all types of cats and lemurs.

The fun fact is, after watching the early design, it’s hard to identify Momo because he is neither a cat, lemur, Totoro nor bat. The Momo is a little Cyclopes monkey who can match easily with other characters in Avatar.

Momo Avatar: How Momo Becomes A Part of Avatar Gang?
Picture: Original Drawing of Momo

List of Best Hybrid Animals in Avatar Including Momo:

In the journey of Avatar, we found lots of funny, cute, and awesome animal companions. Here is the list of the most adorable hybrid animals.

  • Bosco: A stocky but rare specimen of the animal.
  • Nyla: Nyla was the shirshu with a keen sense of smell and paralyzing tongue.
  • Flopsie: Flopsie is a gargantuan and harmless beast with an outward appearance.
  • Pabu: Pabu is a cute pet. Bolin and Mako bought this pet from a pet shop.
  • Druk: Druk is a dragon that survives the genocide of its race.
  • Mula: Mula is a cat deer that is known as the pet of Avatar Wan.
  • Fang: After hatching from an egg, Roku raised this animal as a pet.
  • Naga: Naga is a polar bear dog that has a strong bond with Korra.
  • Appa: Appa is the best pet in Avatar and he is Aang’s pet that also works as a flying bison.

Quick Overview About Momo:

Full NameMomo
OriginAvatar: The Last Airbender
OccupationTeam Avatar’s pet winged lemur
HobbyStealing food, hanging out with Appa
GoalsStay by Aang’s side
Friends/AlliesAang, Katara, Sokka, Appa (best friend), Toph Beifong, Suki, Zuko, Iroh
EnemiesOzai, Azula, Zhao, Zuko (Formerly), Long Feng, the Dai Li, Tom-Tom, Fire Nation (Formerly)

Momo: Smarter Than Aang & The Gang

The flying lemur Momo is a far better companion than other hybrid animals we’ve ever seen in Avatar: The Last Airbender. This brightest but most underrated member of Avatar deserves more attention, screen time, and love.

To understand more about Momo as an intelligent character, you can read a few more details that we found in different situations.

  1. Momo Fooled Pygmy pumas

Momo not only has reflexes but also some techniques that help him to fool someone. In an episode “The Tales of Ba Sing Se ” we saw how Momo fooled a pack of Pygmy Pumas. Momo was looking for the Appa and in a trail, he faced Pygmy pumas.

All these pumas chased after him and tried to attack. But the smart Momo dodged them, especially their attacks not only for single times but also multiple times.

  1. Helped Pumas to escape from Death Sentence

After being captured and put in cages, Momo and Pygmy Pumas wanted to escape and Momo was the only one who knew the way. He opened the cage and freed other pumas.

  1. Brought Food

If you see “The Southern Air Temple” Aang tried to make Momo a pet. But Momo ran away and came back with a bunch of fruit. But he offers the fruits to Sokka, not to Aang. That means Aang was a suspected person for the Momo. Before Sokka attacks him, he feeds hungry Sokka.

Momo Avatar: How Momo Becomes A Part of Avatar Gang?
Picture: Appa is Momos best friends
  1. Knew who the enemy was

In an episode, we saw Fire Sages return to his nation. Not only that, he tried to help Team Avatar. Surprisingly, Momo didn’t show any hostile attitude to him because he knows this man is good.


As a fan of Avatar, many people love the chemistry of other characters like Momo, Appa, and many others with the story. In terms of Momo Avatar, we found a strong bond and promising friendship on top of other things.

With comic relief Momo the flying lemur became an important character and played an extraordinary role in this cartoon series. We saw how the situation changed for Momo and how he developed a friendship with Appa.

Now Appa is his best buddy. But above all, Avatar: The Last Airbender could be an incomplete story without Momo. That’s why Momo has a huge fan base.

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