Uncle Iroh in Avatar: The Person That Full of Wisdom

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Among many of the mainline characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Uncle Iroh won the heart of almost everyone. As a fan, we love every little potion and fact of this character. We saw a complete journey of Iroh in this cartoon series.

He teaches us how to be young from the inside and live and learn about life. In many episodes of Avatar, Iroh becomes an ultimate option for advice and comfort.

His wisdom, previous experience, and hidden secrets make him more valuable in this series. . Let’s see how much we still need to know about him.

Picture: Avatar: The Last Airbender

Who is Uncle Iroh?

If you know the popular cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you know about the main characters as well. Uncle Iroh is one of them who retired as a general from the Fire Nation. He is calm, wise, and spiritual at the same time.

Not only that, he is also a Grand Lotus of the order of the white lotus. As a fire nation general, he is a master for firebending and becomes a mentor of his nephew Zuko later.

In the beginning, we saw people talking about him because he is the only person in the Avatar who can breathe fire and killed the last dragon from the earth.

Picture: Iroh
Picture: Iroh

Uncle Iroh Is The Smartest Character In Avatar?

With the sharing, helping and funny mentality, Iroh (Zuko’s Uncle) influences different situations for good in Avatar. That’s how he won fans’ hearts. This beloved character learned some great lessons from his past and understands the value of Avatar in the Avatar Universe.

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We also see how he treated his nephew Zuko like his own son and taught him about life as well as the fire bending. We figured out some of his quotes that prove that he is the smartest character in Avatar and these are.

  • In an episode, Tohp ran off from the Avatar gang. After some time, she met Iroh. The kind-hearted Iroh had a deep conversation with Toph and offered her a cup of tea.
  • He knows meddling in spiritual matters could be dangerous. Even it can embrace the spirit world. That’s why Iroh warned Zaho to stay away from spiritual matters.
  • In Ba Sing Se, Iroh and Avatar Aang were trying to find a way and Aang became frustrated. He admits that he was weak to let all these people go he loved but he couldn’t. That time Iroh said, Aang was the perfect choice as an avatar but perfection and power were overrated.
Picture: Avatar Aang
Picture: Avatar Aang
  • Iroh knew that Fire Nation was not the end of learning a lesson. There are more nations out there. Without learning lessons from those nations, Zuko can’t make himself open from the inside. Iroh advised Zuko to take lessons from all these nations.
  • Iroh is encountered by a Mugger in Ba Sing Se. The mugger held a knife to his face and asked him to give him all the money. Despite Iroh telling the mugger that his stance was wrong, it’s the weakest position allowed to defeat him and Iroh took down Mugger.
  • Aang was frustrated and told Iroh that he was not doing the right thing to achieve the avatar state. Iroh told him, there is light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes we see it, sometimes not. That’s why we should keep moving for the light.
  • As a part of his wisdom, Iroh told his beloved nephew Zuko about destiny. He said to Zuko “his destiny was whatever he decided”.
Picture: Zuko
Picture: Zuko

The Fate of Uncle Iroh After The Last Airbender:

After watching the final episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, most of us wanted to know what happened to Uncle Iroh? For sure, he never died in Avatar rather than found a whole new life in the spirit world that he always wanted.

This friendly and loving character ended in a surprising way. In the second sequel of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, we found out what exactly happened to Iroh. The story reveals that Iroh never died. For his existence, he just moved on to a different path (Spirit world).

We saw Korra (The Avatar) lost in the spirit world like a frightened little girl and injure a friendly spirit accidentally. That time, Iroh approaches Korra with a lantern. At that time, Korra recognized him from her previous life as Aang.

Iroh said that he enjoyed the company of spirit and he is done in the material world. That’s why he chose to leave his body behind and come to the spirit world.

Picture: Iroh in the spirit worlds
Picture: Iroh in the spirit worlds

Things You Don’t Know About Uncle Iroh:

Uncle Iroh is not only an open-minded and kind person but also holds lots of secrets for good. Here are some facts we shared that you may not have known.

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  • Once, Iroh was a big bad guy but the death of his son changed everything. From his past experience, we also mirrored Zuko’s redemption arc as well.
  • Iroh is not an Avatar but knows how important it is to keep all things balanced. He also favors balance like the Avatar.
  • We saw how good Iroh was as a fighter. Despite that, he is a music lover.
  • Iroh is not only a funny character but also has a careless streak as well.
  • He loves proverbs and most of the time he shares his wisdom through them.
  • Iroh started off as a mystery.
  • He abandoned Zuko’s “Prince Title.


Comparing the depth of all the characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Uncle Iroh is the most beloved and experienced character. Blend of every little fact, Iroh becomes the beloved character.

He is a person of inspiration. His love for Zuko also makes us emotional. He enjoyed his life as much as he could without caring and thinking too much about his surroundings. It doesn’t mean that he has nothing in life.

We saw him seeking the actual meaning of life through his ways. After their retirement as a fire nation general, Iroh opens his heart to enjoy all the moments that he could feel.

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