Monitor Your Kids’ Screen-Time with Jezter

By Nicole Fryer 4 Min Read

Anyone who has kids is familiar with the struggle of wondering what content they’re accessing online with their devices. There’s always a small fear that you’re going to look down at their iPad and see something that they definitely should not be seeing, or they’ll start buying movies and games that rack up your bills.

Jezter is an app made specifically for parents. With this app, you won’t have to worry about locking down your phone so your kids can’t access anything they shouldn’t be. The app is geared towards children ages 2 to 12. Jezter allows you to personalize your kids screen time, being full of pre-selected content, and is even password protected so the little ones can’t change anything they shouldn’t.

Since Jezter comes with preselected content, you’ll never have to spend time searching for kid-friendly websites or apps ever again. It’s all in one place, which saves you tons of time searching the app store and online, and it’ll save you from getting too stressed out about what is and isn’t okay for your kids to view. Instead, you can just take a look through Jezter’s catalog, where you can find a vast amount of child-safe content and media. You can even preview the videos and games before you hand it over to your little one.

If videos and games aren’t all you’re looking for, don’t worry, because there’s also educational media available through the app! In fact, the app has a strong focus on educational content for your kids. They have multiple homework tools, magazines, and even language games available. These educational features on the app are designed with kids in mind, so they’re aimed to make learning fun.

Still a little worried that your child will find a way to add some things to the app that you don’t want them being able to view? No need to worry, as the playlists you make on Jezter are locked, so your kids won’t be able to exit or return to the catalog without entering a special pin code of your choosing. Feel in control of what your children have access to.

While the app has not yet officially launched, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can sign up for their beta today via their website. If you want to wait until the app launches, then you shouldn’t have to wait to much longer, as their website says it will launch in its completed state on iOS this fall.

Jezter is designed with your little ones in mind, and for you to not have to worry about the content that your kids are viewing on a digital device. It’s great to keep them occupied when they’re bored and you’re busy, to keep them content on long trips, and even as a learning tool. For more information or to sign up for the beta, visit

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