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By Nichole Schack 5 Min Read

Let’s face it: Whether we like it or not, exercise is a part of staying healthy (even though most of us would love to watch re-runs of The Walking Dead). But finding the motivation or even a support group to help move all of those dormant muscles can be hard! MoveWith can help you move with it.

The newest in fitness technology is an app called MoveWith and isn’t your average workout app. In fact, it contains only audio workouts instead of video. So much easier to coordinate when you only have to listen instead of watch, too!

There are hundreds of different workouts including:

  • Cardio
  • Strength
  • Yoga
  • HIIT
  • Treadmill
  • Running
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Mobility
  • Meditations
  • Life Talks

Some of their featured workouts include:

  • Body Blitz by Garrett Wood (strength and cardio)
  • Metabolic Meltdown by Naomi Rotstein (bodyweight)
  • Heart Flow by Peter Walters (yoga)
  • Public Body by Chad Flahive (high intensity)
  • Sculpt Sanity by Amanda Chamberlin (Tabata style)

Teach. Learn. Grow.

Each class has an awesome music playlist that you can jam to while working out. I mean, come on, music gets the body moving! Dozens of workouts are added every day, and what’s best about MoveWith is that you can workout ANYWHERE! At home? Workout. At work on break? Workout. At the park? Workout. In the grocery store? Why not? Workout!

What is also inspiring about MoveWith is that they encourage users to share their moves and poses with each other on their Instagram page. Hey, studies show that if you see others moving, chances are you probably will too (sorry Walking Dead).

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, with a subscription to MoveWith, you will get access to coaches and trainers via the app. They can help you with workout tips, motivation, and questions that you may have.

A great instructor means a great workout, and MoveWith has some of the best on the planet. With multiple instructors in over 10 fitness categories, you’ll get amazing motivation and inspiration throughout the whole, sweaty class. – mindbodygreen

MoveWith isn’t just about physical help: they are about mental health, too! In today’s world, mental health is finally going public and people are getting the help that they need. With MoveWith’s Life Talks classes, you can be inspired and motivated, learn how to deal with life’s challenges, learn mindfulness, express gratitude, appropriate emotions, and be knowledgeable about commitment. Healthy in every aspect? Yes, please!

This awesome company that is headquartered in San Francisco, California has been featured on CNN, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. In fact, they were also rated 5 stars on the App Store!

There are so many free apps out there. With free you get subpar quality. MoveWith is an app I rec to everyone because there is something for everyone. I love to do yoga one morning and HIIT the next day or end my day with a meditation. Always adding new classes and listening to user feedback. Love you guys!

So you may be wondering: What in the world is all of this going to cost me? MoveWith has two options:

  1. An annual subscription of $95.88 billed once ($7.99/month)
  2. Monthly subscription of $12.99 billed monthly
    However, if you are a student at a U.S. Title IV accredited college or university, you are eligible to receive special pricing with MoveWith of only $4.99 a month! Is that enough to make you want to further your education? Maybe not, but the perks list just got longer!

But hey, maybe you aren’t too sure if you want to shell out the money yet to use MoveWith. You may be thinking, that’s $95 that I could use to save for a vacation, or pay an extra bill. Well, if you don’t know if MoveWith is a right fit for you, they offer a 7 day free trial with unlimited access. You are also able to preview a class on their website,

If you are on the other end, and absolutely loving MoveWith, they are hiring audio coaches! You can record a class from anywhere at any time! Your class would be reaching over thirty countries worldwide. Maybe not ready for that yet? MoveWith is also recruiting campus ambassadors to spread the good news about health and fitness!

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