There’s a New Bike on the Block: Nireeka Smart Ebike

By Madison Kacir 5 Min Read

Public transportation. Carpooling. Uber. If anything of these words had you rolling your eyes, then you know the feeling of unreliable or expensive modes of transportation. What if I told you there was a solution to the prevalent problem of sustainable, cheap transportation? Maybe you, believe me, maybe you just rolled your eyes again. However, this time a company dubbed “Nireeka” may actually have a viable solution to this widespread problem.

They aim to create a smart Ebike with a slew of ingenious features all for under $1,000. The Nireeka smart bike is currently being developed by Nireeka to address the problem of cheap and sustainable transportation.

Brain Behind the Bike

Mohammed “Max” Shojaie is not new to creating innovative technology. In 2010, this brilliant Iranian born designer developed a two-wheel drive concept motorcycle. His newest and most successful design is the Nireeka Smart Ebike.

Thus far, their campaign on Indiegogo has raised $415,132 from 592 backers. That well exceeds their original goal of $35,000. Not only have they raised 1186% more than they expected, but they have also sold out on their preorders. It’s safe to say many people are excitedly awaiting the release of this product.

For an affordable down payment of $199, you can reserve a Nireeka Smart Ebike and receive an additional 40% off the retail price when it becomes available.

Features of this Feat of Sustainable Technology

The Nireeka Smart Ebike will feature a lightweight carbon frame, weighing in at only 35 pounds. The battery for the 500-watt electric motor is cleverly hidden in the frame to give it a uniform look. The bike has basic features such as a GPS navigator, automatic bike light, mobile phone holder (with a built-in USB charger), and a 10-speed gear switch. However, these simple features aren’t the only thing that put the Nireeka Smart Ebike on the map.

In addition to these handy features, the Ebike also includes a blind spot radar, anti-theft system, and an assist mode based on your heartbeat. The blind spot radar makes for a safer ride, and the anti-theft system ensures that no one else will nab your Ebike.

The heartbeat assist mode is a unique and new addition to smart bikes everywhere. Based on your heartbeat the pedals of the bike will help you cruise along. This can all be toggled by Nireekas mobile app. You can set the level of assistance the bike will give you when your heart reaches a certain beat rate.

There are three preset levels of the Heartbeat Assist function. Based on your level of fitness you can switch between the three or create a custom heartbeat assist level. You can also make custom levels and change the percentage of assistance from the pedals when your heart reaches a certain rate.

When the motor is in use, your cutting edge Ebike can reach 20mph and can zip along for 50 miles before the battery needs to be recharged. Or you can simply pedal the bike yourself, as it does still function as a regular bike.

These unique functions make the Nireeka Smart Bike the most cutting edge on the market. Features like heartbeat assist and the Nireeka mobile app also make it the most innovative.

This is an Ebike we can get Behind

No public transportation. No carpooling. No Uber. That’s enough to make anyone happy. Nireeka offers a simple solution to a problem that brings about a plethora of complications. They’ve stepped up to this challenge and succeeded with flying colors.

Not only have they created a mode of transportation that does no harm to the environment, it’s packed with tons of useful features all for under $1,000. People from all walks of life can seriously benefit from this new gadget from Nireeka.

This innovative piece of technology is slated for release in June of 2018. Preorders and various early adopter packages can be paid for on their Indiegogo page.

Check out their Indiegogo page to see if they have further preorders or early adopter packages available.

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