Quantum Computer Startup Bleximo May Blast the World into the Future

By Madison Kacir 6 Min Read

Bleximo aims to be the inventor of special – purpose quantum computation systems. Essentially, they want to build quantum accelerators for computers. This technology would utilize superconducting qubits and quantum application – specific integrated technology. This cutting-edge company is headquartered in Berkeley, California. They are involved with Cyclotron Road, which is an elite program for entrepreneurial scientists. It seems like they just got a whole lot closer to their dream lately, as they announced their $1.5 million investment by Eniac Ventures. Bleximo also received investment money from Boost VC, KEC Ventures, Creative Ventures, and Gyan Kapur.

What is Quantum Computing?

Quantum computing and quantum mechanics go hand in hand. Quantum mechanics is a branch of physics that was really brought into light in the 1980’s by Richard Feynman. This type of computing uses the properties of quantum mechanics to process information. This information is processed under extreme conditions. These computers would have to operate with nanoscale components at temperatures colder than space. Quantum computers will create solutions to problems in healthcare, environmental systems, smart materials, and anything else humans will ever need.

How do Quantum Computers Work?

Quantum computers work with a unit called a qubit. This is shorthand for a quantum bit. Like normal computer bits, a qubit can hold the binary value of 1 or 0. However, a qubit can hold both a 1 and a 0 at the same time. This is called a superposition state. This allows quantum computers to process multiple different problems at the same time. Qubits can process information in less than half the time as normal computers. In other words, quantum computers can solve complex problems in seconds, whereas modern computers with the same problem would take thousands of years.

What are the Benefits of Quantum Computing?

Computers can solve many of the complex problems we face today. However, it would take those computers possibly thousands of years to complete those solutions. one major benefit of quantum computing is the ability to solve those problems in seconds, minutes, or just a few days. This would allow for researchers to simulate and develop new models and theories to the problems they are trying to solve.

Quantum Computers and Society

The idea of quantum computers is a bit of a hot-button topic today in the science and engineering field. Companies like IBM, Eagle Power Tech, and Cambridge Quantum Computing are all working to be the first to build a quantum computer. However, Bleximo isn’t looking to make a general-purpose quantum computer. They want to build computer processors that utilize the power of quantum mechanics to achieve specific things. Furthermore, their product will utilize superconducting qubits and quantum application-specific integrated circuit technology. They call this patented technology qASIC.  Bleximos founder has tons of experience in the quantum computing field. Employed with a company called Rigetti Computing, Alexei Marchenkov worked extensively on creating quantum computers.

What will Bleximo do With its Funding?

Bleximos investors have a plethora of faith in what the company can do. They are very excited to see the types of groundbreaking products that will come from Bleximo in the future. Vic Singh from Eniac is a strong supporter of Bleximo. “At Eniac, we believe general quantum computing is still far away, but Bleximo’s approach of building vertical quantum computing architecture will bring this nascent technology to the mainstream in a more practical way — much like vertical AI is here today before general AI.”. Eniac led the funding round that put Bleximo in the news. As of right now, this quantum computing company is going to put that funding to speed up simulations of molecules for drug development. Although, quantum computing can solve a variety of other problems inflicting society today.

How Far Away are we From Quantum Computing?

The invention of actual quantum computers would give Bleximo some competition, as their product will assist regular computers. However, their technology is much simpler (when compared to a quantum computer) and might actually give them an edge on the competition. Bleximos product will not need as much storage space. Additionally, they won’t need as many qubits to operate their processors.


In final analysis, the rising interest in quantum computers has opened up a ton of innovation in the science and tech fields. It’s quite possible that Alexei Marchenkov would have never considered creating quantum computer chips if it weren’t for the endless curiosity of humans. But thanks to mankind’s tendency to push technology to the edge, we have created an environment in which competition breeds innovation. The result of this is revolutionary companies like Bleximo!

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