Women Empowerment at Today’s Startups

By Veronica Maria 3 Min Read

As we go through this revolutionized tech age, more and more women are leading or working behind the scenes of various startups. They are also bringing equal opportunities to the boardrooms. Women-focused startups are fastly rising and becoming the norm now in today’s society. With the startups functioning with the equal inclusion of male co-workers. A lot of these startups are based on different parts of the country. Leading in such areas such as STEM or design. Now that women in the # Metoo movement who are paving the way for women. They have a voice, and many women-led startups are raising their voices.They are becoming the new face of their companies. Maybe facing criticism in the process.

  It seems as if none will take a woman at such a high position, but they are doing it for themselves. Providing enough education and experience that will both enlighten but influence as well. This empowerment movement has boomed in other countries besides the united states as well. With a fraction of these women employees learning different subjects, like coding and social entrepreneurship. There still a ways to go. Introducing a whole new line of startup companies that are participating in startup technology programs.

     Every day, tech companies are needing extra workers. The assume that part of the circle of leaders and workers should be female. Leaving their male counterparts to remind themselves that women have just the same rights as their male co-workers or CEO. Feminist born magazines and other media sites are already stepping into the bandwagon. 

     It was suggested recently that the Governor of California, Jerry Brown made into a law that signed a bill into law that makes California the first state to require corporate boards of directors to include women. This is great news for all those female startups. This can include any other type of business that wants to lead and show the skills they obtained. Many female workers thank the Governor for this push into greatness and want nothing but to start a trend.  In this course, many startups will learn from the past or the past mistakes and take into action why women deserve to be empowered at startups in the first place. It has to come down to trends and economics. There is so much to strive for from the beginning.  

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