Reflektive Is Changing Employee Performance

By Nichole Schack 5 Min Read

In the job world, it can be hard for employers to keep their employees. Some employees have reported feelings of unimportance, underappreciation and "just another face for the company." So how can these companies keep employees, but better yet, help these employees grow to their full potential within the company?

Reflektive is a startup company that is changing the way employers manage their employees’ performances. By using a performance management software, employees can receive real-time feedback from their managers, whether positive or constructive.

Sometimes employees may not even be aware of what they could do better, and communication in the workplace is often strained due to deadlines. But with Reflektive, employers and employees alike can check-in with each other and keep that line of communication open.

At Reflektive, we’re dedicated to empowering each of your employees to take ownership of their own success. It’s all part of inspiring everyone to be their very best selves, in and out of the workplace.

With Reflektive’s software, employers can set goals for each employee. For example, perhaps a promotion is in an employee’s future, but they need to meet a sales benchmark in order to reach it and do a training seminar. Putting both of those down as goals and being able to see the progress will encourage employee growth!

Performance reviews can also become easier. Instead of sitting down in a room one-on-one, and especially trying to make time for this event with a large number of employees, Reflektive’s software makes the reviews effortless.

We wanted to drive a culture of feedback because by giving people feedback they can affect their own growth. We selected Reflektive because it was flexible for our needs and had all the elements we were looking for. – Marie-Claire Barker, Global Chief Talent Officer at MEC Global

On their website,, you can request a quote for your business. Contracts are available on an annual basis, with all plans including access to the customer service team, implementation, onboarding planning and product training. The minimum annual contract value, however, is $7,500 USD, and volume pricing is available. Not sure yet if you want to invest? That’s okay, you can request a demo!

Some of their well-known customers include Comcast, Dollar Shave Club, Symetra, MuleSoft, BlueCat, and instacart. A couple of their investors include Andreessen Horowitz and Lightspeed.

A lot of employers wonder about their information being shared. But with Reflektive, your data is private and safe as their software is loaded with security features and Reflektive continuously has comprehensive audits.

Reflektive is committed to employee success—for your employees and ours! We believe that every employee deserves a great manager, a clear career path, and ample opportunities for development and professional growth.

In 2014, Reflektive had:

  • 20 employees
  • 10 customers
  • $500K in funding

In 2017, Reflektive had:

  • 100+ employees
  • 300+ customers
  • $25M in funding

Wow, what a change! Employees like to know that they are appreciated and thought of. In fact, that’s one way employers can keep them!

Reflektive’s website has many different HR resources including webinars, videos, e-books, guides and case studies on topics such as:

  1. Goal management
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Employee coaching
  4. Career pathing plans

These resources can help any business grow and communicate better with employees. And best of all, they are free to access!

To know that they are an authentic company, read this quick synopsis about Reflektive’s CEO, right from their site:

It all started with a simple insight. At the time, our CEO, Rajeev Behera was an executive for a rapidly growing game developer, and he noticed that all of the available HR solutions were great at managing process, but pretty worthless for supporting talent.

And he saw employees and managers grinding through annual performance reviews that offered little of practical value. He thought: Shouldn’t there be an easy way for people to give and receive feedback as it happens? Reflektive was born soon after—and we’ve been growing ever since.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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