Game-Changing Smart-Watch

By Devin Garcia 5 Min Read

With everything from phones to TVs and appliances being “smart” these days, it’s a no-brainer that watches are as well. Smart watches are mostly used for tracking physical activity or accessibility to notifications, but not SWINGS. SWINGS is the newest smart-watch craving its own path into the world of wrist-wear.

One of the most noticeable features about the SWINGS watch is the design. Instead of the watch being a simple band or having a giant touch screen face, SWINGS looks exactly like the average non-smart watch.

One of the most unnoticeable, but most important, features is the battery life. Most smart watches die quicker than a cell phone and have to be charged daily or even less. The SWINGS watch, however, has a two-year battery life that definitely pushes it ahead of its competition.

This new smart-watch was designed and created by SWINGS, an international collaboration team. The team members extend to San Francisco, Zürich, Beijing, and New York, where the Kickstarter for the watch was introduced. The Kickstarter ends later this month, but is already more than $100,000 over its original goal of $15,000.

SWINGS has specialized in creating some of the finest watches all of the world, and know all about the manufacturing wants and needs when it comes to watches. This new smart-watch is not only stylish but adorable at $139. The SWINGS watch gives a whole new take on the analog watch the world is used to seeing.

SWINGS has made their watches from premium quality 316L stainless steel and provided scratch-proof and water-proof glass. They offer an array of color bands made out of leather or metal, that give the watch a light and comfortable wearability. The different options in watch styles make SWINGS attractive for both men and women. watches are made from premium-quality 316L stainless steel with scratch-proof sapphire glass. They offer comfort, durability, and a long-lasting visual appearance suitable for both men and women.

These new smart watches also contain an exclusive next generation chipset that adds months and years to the average smart watch battery life. The SWINGS watch comes with a CR2450 coin battery that requires no charging and can be replaced like any other watch.

The smart watch has a built in time zone clock, switching the time zone and adjusting the clock when necessary. Bluetooth capabilities also allow the wearer to sync data between the watch and the mobile app for the best tracking abilities. Since smart watches are used to track its wearer’s habits, the SWINGS watch offers up three times the accuracy and data collection. Most traditional smart watches have 3 gyroscopes while SWINGS has 9. The sleep and fitness data is collected at a more sensitive rate and sent directly to the watches corresponding app.

This provides the user with sleep habit information, as well as a step and calorie burning counter. The watch tracks sleep patterns and will wake the wearer with soft vibrations 15-20 minutes before the expected wake up.

Normal smart watches also only have IPX6 rating when confronted with water resistance. The SWINGS watch comes with an IPX8 rating, allowing watch wearers to swim and dive up to 300 feet of water without damaging the watch.

And of course, the SWINGS watch has three different buttons on the right side of the watch for different remote controls. This allows the wearer to control the music playing on the phone, take pictures, and manage text, call, app, calendar, and alarm notifications through the watch.

Though the battery-life and design options are most appealing, SWINGS smartwatch still displays the time and date like any other watch that doesn’t come with smart capabilities. This, along with the Swiss analog feature, takes the smart-watch back to what a watch looked like before other brands like Apple and Fitbit stepped in. By combining the old with the new, SWINGS allows anyone to harness the original watch aesthetic with new age digital features and capabilities.

Back this project or purchase your own SWINGS watch through their kickstarter! Available until October 27, 2017

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