ShipChain’s Cherie Aimée Shares Her Thoughts On Global Freight and Logistics

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Few technologies have proven more innovative and disruptive than the blockchain. This innova-tive tech is doing much more than opening up new cryptocurrency investment opportunities. It is even changing the way many businesses are approaching decidedly “old-school” industries such as freight and logistics.

To get a better understanding of the changes taking place in global freight and logistics, I spoke with Cherie Aimée, Director of Communications at ShipChain, an innovative startup bringing blockchain-based solutions to the industry. Her answers help reveal how things are changing and where the industry is headed.

1) To get things started, tell me a bit about who you are and what you do, please.

My name is Cherie Aimée and I am the Director of Communications for ShipChain, a blockchain technology solution provider for the freight and logistics industry.

With over 15 years of experience in tech startups, digital advertising, programming and corpo-rate marketing, I’ve had the opportunity to build and manage projects for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Unilever, Mars and Heineken.

ShipChain is one of those projects that has incredible significance for me. I’ve always been someone who thrives on finding solutions to massive problems. What better way to fulfill this need than to join a company like ShipChain? I joined to be a part of a rockstar team helping to make the world a better place.

Several years ago I experienced a near-fatal incident which changed my whole perspective on life. It gave new meaning to where I put my energy, who I surround myself with and what pro-jects I focus my time on. It also strengthened my core values of ethics, integrity, loyalty, love, communication and innovation.

I have been featured in Forbes, Influencive, The Dr. Oz Show and several other national media outlets. I’m honored to be recognized for my work in business, being recently named one of 18 Extraordinary Women You Need to Know Now, 24 Women In Blockchain/Crypto You Should Be Following and one of the Top 100 Women in Fintech.

I also sit on the Executive Advisory Council for the Board of Directors, Columbia University Medical Center.

2) With so much said about blockchain technology as of late, what makes ShipChain different?

While the majority of mainstream attention is focused on cryptocurrencies, there is so much more to the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency. The blockchain is the technology and data structure behind the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethere-um.

ShipChain is creating a real-world use case platform on the Ethereum Network. Our Track and Trace program leverages smart contracts to track shipments along the supply chain from the fac-tory to the customers door.

In an industry plagued with fractured communication, lack of transparency, billions in cargo theft and middleman markups, ShipChain provides a solution long overdue for freight and logis-tics.

Our founding team consists of John Monarch (CEO), Brian D. Evans (CMO), Sami Rusani (CRO) and Roger Crook (CSO and former CEO of DHL), with Kevin Harrington (Original Shark on Shark Tank) as an advisor.

3) What does the current state of global freight and lo-gistics look like? How will ShipChain help?

Global logistics is the coordinated effort of moving products from one place to another. Ship-Chain is solving problems that people have, every single day, in one of the oldest and largest in-dustries on the planet. Many jobs around the world fulfill some role connected to transporting goods all the way to the consumer. When you consider the role of the consumer within the sup-ply chain, everyone is essentially connected to this industry in some way.

According to the FBI, cargo thefts cause as much as $30 billion in losses each year. The impact is felt far and wide amongst drivers, warehouse workers, retailers, state and local governments, insurance companies, manufacturers and shipping companies. Many of these losses go unreport-ed due to fears of insurance rate increases, bad publicity and damaged reputation.

In addition to cargo theft and lack of accountability, the industry currently experiences severe inefficiencies such as tracking multiple carriers across an extremely fractured supply chain, sig-nificant middleman markup and lack of carrier communication.

ShipChain’s Track and Trace solution addresses each of problems with ease and efficiency, helping to reduce the overall cost of shipping and logistics for all parties involved.

Track and Trace allows for unified tracking across the entire supply chain, between all carriers. Brokers will no longer be required and every step of the supply chain process will be document-ed on the blockchain, providing greater communication, reduced theft and complete transparency for everyone involved.

Incentivized reward programs will also ensure efficient transport routes for delivering goods on time. Track and Trace can easily be integrated with other existing systems within the transport and logistics ecosystem.

4) When all is said and done, what does ShipChain hope to accomplish as a global company?

ShipChain strives to be a leader in global transport and logistics. We understand the needs of the industry and are strategically positioning ourselves to bring unity and evolution to an industry that can be seen as the backbone of our entire global civilization.

We understand change does not happen overnight. But with a rock-solid team, strategic partner-ships, education initiatives and the right incentives, ShipChain’s leadership role in global logis-tics will help reduce costs, fraud and severe fragmentation while also paving the way for carriers of all sizes to participate in global logistics of the future.

5) Getting beyond your employer, what does the fu-ture look like for you?

I see myself being an active participant in connecting the global world in ways we’ve never seen before. I’m a team player. While I love building a leadership brand platform for myself, I do it to create change on a global level.

I put myself at the forefront of change so I can inspire others and connect with future entrepreneurs, businesses and partnerships to make the world a better place. Being a part of ShipChain makes sense for me – Cherie Aimée

I get to be part of an amazing team that’s taking part in a revolutionary movement to make lives easier all throughout the globe.

6) Anything else? On a more personal level, what do you earnestly hope to achieve?

My mission in life is pretty simple. I want to impact a billion lives. It’s simple because it gives me the freedom to recognize opportunities to do that in many forms. The more opportunities that come my way to support my mission, the more lives I’m able to touch.

An Exciting Future

As Aimée’s comments reveal, the new solutions being enabled by blockchain technology are quickly making freight and logistics more efficient than ever before. As more carriers and sup-pliers begin to adopt solutions such as ShipChain, the industry will be better equipped to fulfill the needs of an increasingly global society.

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