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By Nicole Fryer 4 Min Read

With the New Year coming closer, we’re already making our resolutions lists, and we all know that one of the most challenging tasks is to keep motivated and take the time out of your day to actually do what you’ve set out to do. Now, with the Mastery Life app, you can.

The Mastery Timer is an app that allows you to create time to allow you to do the things you want to do. It can be used for exercise, reading a book, studying, whatever you need it to be. The app will create a 20-minute block in your calendar for deliberate practice, which allows you to dedicate complete focus to that specific skill during that session.

While you’re working on your skills during the 20 minute blocks, you will earn points. This is to help keep you motivated. The developers of the app say that this is a simple and effective scheduling method which works by pre-committing small amounts of time and engaging fully during that period. Whether you’re practicing a skill or just making time for a fun hobby, strive for greatness without the risk of burning out.

So, what makes this app different from anything else? Well, many productive people follow a calendar rather than a to do list. I personally find a calendar easier to follow because it’s easy to blow over or reschedule things on a list than on a calendar. However, by scheduling a small block of time, this forces us to take the first pivotal step of objectively analyzing our current commitment and responsibilities to find the time to invest in our personal growth.

It is important to realize that masterful performances are really just the product of masterful practice, and not our natural abilities. Many people would agree that in order to improve a skill, we need to practice it often. However, research now shows that the quality of the practice actually makes the bigger difference. In order to assure proper quality of practice, something that we need to do is be focused during each session. To fully commit to practice, it is recommended that you turn your phone on airplane mode, and do whatever else you need to in order to eliminate other distractions.

One feature of the app is called the skill multiplier. This is a number between 1-10 that goes up when you train constantly. Likewise, it will go down if you slack off. The higher your skill multiplier, the more points you will earn for each session. This feature is meant to encourage your consistent practice. The trends on the app will help you see which skills you are at risk of slipping. Skills with the lowest trend are moved to the top of the list so that you can schedule them first.

Some other cool features on the app? We already know about the points, but, helpfully, you can also work offline. Mastery is fully functional offline, which is crucial to your success. Being able to have access to the app offline guarantees that you are able to focus on your goals. Another cool feature of the app is that it has a very minimalist interface, reducing the potential for distraction and allowing for better focus.

Does Mastery sound like something that would improve your life? The app is now available for download on the App Store. If you would like to learn more, you can visit their website at

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