How Steering Wheel Covers Works And Why They Are Best For Long Drive?

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Isn’t it uncomfortable driving daily to your work without steering wheel covers? Please, try a steering wheel cover and see how your driving experience turned into fun.

Wait, don’t buy it right now because buying a steering wheel is not the thing we’re talking about. It is not only a cover but also gives your steering wheel some funky, aesthetically pleasing look. It can even be the focal point of your care environment.

That’s why choosing the right cover is important. There are lots of parameters you should care about for steering wheel cover. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Keep reading, more details are waiting for you.

What Are Steering Wheel Covers?

Most of the people who have a car or do not, know about the steering wheel covers. This cover is used to increase comfort when people hold the steering. This cover prevents different problems as well.

As you know, holding the steering wheel for a while causes sweating. As a result, the steering wheel gets slippery. A cover that is made of perfect material can eradicate such problems and help the driver to keep focusing on driving.

Picture: Cover ensures a comfortable grip
Picture: Cover ensures a comfortable grip

Why Is Using a Steering Wheel Cover Important?

Steering wheel cover becomes a part of every car. There are many reasons to buy a cover. We pointed out some of them and here it is.


Most of the car comes with a standard steering wheel and these are not comfortable enough for the drivers. That’s why people get blisters. Even the season changes also affect steering wheels.

It can get too cold or too hot. That’s why covers are important to use. Covers can offer comfort. It also protects your palms from rude weather and long drives.

Maximum Control

Because of the extended use, most of the steering wheels get slippery. It’s a common problem but this problem doesn’t let you get the best grip on your wheel. You can feel it when turning corners. Covers never get slippery and offer extra grip. That means you can get the best and effective control.

Picture: Steering wheel covers available for the winter season
Picture: Steering wheel covers available for the winter season

Upgrading of the Interior

If the fabric or color of the steering wheel becomes faded or damaged brutally then the overall interior of your vehicle looks ugly. A cover can hide all these things and make the interior attractive again. It’s one kind of giving a new look to your steering wheel.


After long use, your steering wheel may have some visible damages. It happened because of extreme heat or long time use. A cover can keep your steering wheel in good condition and hide the damages. If needed, you can change the cover and make your steering wheel new.

To Enjoy the Ride

For some people driving is not a pleasant experience, especially for the long drive. It happens most of the time for the uncomfortable steering wheels. The covers feature soft padding or memory foam. For the long drive, such features make the steering wheel comfortable.

Picture: Different Types of Steering Wheels
Picture: Different Types of Steering Wheels

How Many Types of Steering Wheel Covers Are There?

Manufacturing companies know people love to use steering wheel covers. Everyone has personal preferences for this cover. Based on that fact, there are different type’s covers available. Here are some of them.

Leather Covers

This cover is made of pure leather. It’s not only durable but also highly weather resistant. It can serve you in hot and cold weather. It’s also best for good grip and breathability. Leathers come in limited colors. This cover is the most expensive one out there.

Wooden Covers

This is one of the most attractive materials used for the cover. It looks elegant like other luxury automotive accessories. After using it for a while, it can fade, especially after frequent exposure to the sun.

Rubber Covers

This cover is made of rubber and it’s good for the perfect along with extra grip. It is less durable but resistant to all-weather changes.

Synthetic Covers

Synthetic cover is made of a combination of two different elements. One is microfiber leather and another one is PU leather. It works like pure leather. But it is less durable than leather. For the aesthetic look of leather, people buy it and it is available in multiple color options.

Cloth/Plush Covers

Cloth or Plush are common materials for the cover of Steering wheels. It’s actually faux fleece or faux wool. It’s used to keep the steering wheel as well as the grip warm in the cold season.

Picture: Covers can change the interior
Picture: Covers can change the interior

What about the Price?

Based on the material, color and size, there are some variations in price for a steering wheel cover. But most of them are in range. Such types of cover are available under $20 or over $20.

What are the Key Considerations for Buying Covers for Steering Wheels?

Before you buy a cover for the steering wheel, you might need to check some features and these are.


Covers are available in different sizes. Even the steering wheel size is also different based on the brand, type, or version of the vehicle. So, ensure that the size of the cover actually fits well with the steering wheel. Otherwise, it will slip and doesn’t allow you to get a good grip.


Check the color that matched the interior of your vehicle. Also, try to choose a light color and avoid darker colors. Because dark colors retain heat.


Choosing the material for the cover is up to your preference. You can buy leather, synthetic, rubber, cloth covers for your steering wheels. Remember, every type of material plays a different role on the steering wheel.

Inner Layer

Check the inner layer of the cover. Make sure this layer is made of rubber. It helps to prevent the cover from slipping.


Grips always let you control the steering wheel in a better way. Make sure, you’re going to get a better grip on the cover you are about to buy.


We always admire steering wheel covers as one of the best parts of a vehicle interior. Using a better quality cover can offer you the best driving experience, especially for the long drive. That’s why manufacturing companies come forward to offer different types of covers.

As a result, there are plenty of options for covers we found out there. The days of changing the steering wheel for comfort and grip are gone. Now, covers are the best companion when you are driving with your beloved one.

Finally, get the best cover for your vehicle that is not only good in the design but also good for the grip.

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