Tadashi Hamada Is The Most Beloved Character of Big Hero 6 but Why?

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Only a few characters can help to dream what we want to be and Tadashi Hamada is one of them. Do you know who this character is? Maybe you already know. Yes, he is from the most popular animated movie by Disney called ‘’Big Hero 6’’ and we saw this character’s ups and downs when he was orphaned at a young age.

In the event of the movies, love for the other characters makes Tadashi special to us. His invention of technology was the key point of the movie. But how much do we know about him? Maybe a little.

We decided to provide you with more details about it.

Who Is Tadashi Hamada?

Most of the fans of Disney movies know how popular the Big Her 6 was. This animated movie comes with a unique concept and plot. The biggest twist of this movie was all the characters and their actions in the movie.

After the initial release of this movie in 2014, Tadashi Hamada and Hiro Hamada became our all-time favorite characters. Tadashi is a gifted robotic student as we saw in the movie.

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He is the elder brother of Hiro Hamada. But the death of Tadashi guides everyone to know what happened to him.

All other characters, including Hiro Hamada, start to investigate how Tadashi died or if the accident was real?

Tadashi Hamada in Big Hero 6
Picture: Tadashi Hamada in Big Hero 6

What Is Big Hero 6?

Disney is always best at producing animated movies. Big Hero 6 is an American 3D computer-animated superhero-comedy film.

Walt Disney pictures came with a new concept with this movie and it was a gift from Disney because it was their 54th animated series.

The plot wasn’t the original of this movie. Still, we love it and Disney did well with this story. The story was picked from the Marvel Comic Superhero team.

Dan Hall and Cris Williams directed this movie. Many popular actors and actress’s voice all these characters. Characters of Big Hero 6 are given below.

  • Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter)
  • Baymax (Scott Adsit)
  • Go Go (Jamie Chung)
  • Fred (T.J. Miller)
  • Tadashi Hamada (Daniel Henney)
  • Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.0
  • Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez)
  • Robert Callaghan (James Cromwell)
  • Alistair Krei (Alan Tudyk)
  • Cass (Maya Rudolph)
  • General (Abraham Benrubi)
  • Abigail (Katie Lowes)
  • Newscaster (Billy Bush)
  • Desk Sergeant (Daniel Gerson)
  • Yama (Paul Briggs)
  • Ringleader (Charlotte Gulezian)
Big Hero 6
Picture: Big Hero 6

Overview on Tadashi Hamada:

It’s true, Big Hero 6 has lots of beloved characters but one character draws the most attention from the fans. Tadashi is undoubtedly one of them. Take a quick look at some key information about this young and talented character.

  • Name: Tadashi Hamada (O Nii-San)
  • Height: 5’ 10”
  • Appearance: Slender, black short hair with bangs, puppy brown eyes
  • Personality: Down to earth, sarcastic, resourceful, brotherly, hard-working
  • Memorable Quote: “look for a new angle”
  • Feature Films: Big Hero 6
  • Television Programs: Big Hero 6 (The Series at home with Olaf)
  • Video Games: (Disney Crossy Road)
  • Designer: Shiyoon Kim
  • Voice: Daniel Henney
  • Inspiration: Tomeo Takachiho
  • Occupation: SFIT Student Inventor
  • Affiliations: San Fransokyo Institute of Technology
  • Home: Lucky Cat Café, San Fransokyo
  • Likes: Helping others, His Family and friends, San Fransokyo Ninjas
  • Dislikes: Bot-fights, Hiro neglects his own genius, upsetting his aunt
  • Status: Deceased
  • Siblings: Hiro Hamada (younger brother)
  • Other relatives: Aunt Case (Aunt)
  • Pets: Mochi (Cat)
 Hiro Hamada
Picture: Hiro Hamada

Facts You Should Know About Tadashi Hamada:

Maybe you are the biggest fan of Big Hero 6 as well as Tadashi (Hiro Hamada’s elder brother) but there are lots of unknown facts you should know. Let’s discuss some of them.

  • Daniel Henny is the voice artist of Tadashi.
  • Do you know whose outfit was the best in this movie? Obviously, it’s Tadashi. An SF institute cap, grey-green cardigan, tan satchel, brown pants, and mint sneakers make his outfit iconic.
  • To create a perfect Baymax, Tadashi tried 84 times, and finally, he succeeded.
  • Tadashi’s parents died in a car accident when Hiro was only 3. This is the reason Tadashi grows up faster than others and starts to take care of his younger brother.
  • Tadashi was developed for the movie with a different concept. He was intended to be Hiro’s father. But developers change their decision during the final production and development.
  • Tadashi was a part of the Big Hero 6 team, but something happened and was scrapped during production.
Picture: Baymax

What is The View of Fans about Tadashi?

One thing we can say About the Fans of Big Hero 6. They Love Tadasha more than other characters in this animated movie. This character is connected with the story very much.

In different ways, we feel his presence in the story despite his death. His personality, attitude to other people makes a soft corner in the heart of every fan. Many of them dream about an elder brother like Tadashi in real life.

Not only that, his kindness is also loved by fans. The hardest part fans accept about Tadashi is his death. I even cried after watching Tadashi’s dying moment.

This death not only made a spot in our hearts but also Hiro’s hearts. The love of Tadashi for his younger brother was really affecting.

Why did he run into a burning building? He knew that there were not sufficient supplies to save him from the fire. Maybe his sacrifice makes him a more valuable character in Big Hero 6.

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It’s been a long time since Big Hero 6 releases but we couldn’t forget Tadashi Hamada. The iconic character with iconic outfits and intelligence. Because of his invention, the story got sparked and Hiro Hamada proceeded to do something that his elder brother wanted.

Time flows, but the affection and love for Tadashi are still here. His character is a blend of lots of beautiful things. He is caring for his younger brother as a father does. But his death ruined everything for some time in the moment of the movie.

Tadashi is a hero for us. Thanks, Disney, for introducing us to such a beautiful character.

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