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Top And The Best Anime Wolf In Anime Industry

By Marjia Ahmed

There is nothing more to say about anime wolf. We know exactly what this thing is and what possible this

Tadashi Hamada Is The Most Beloved Character of Big Hero 6 but Why?

By Staff Writer

Only a few characters can help to dream what we want to be and Tadashi Hamada is one of them.

Who Are The Best Final Fantasy Characters: Make Your Gameplay More Memorable With Them

By Staff Writer

What do you feel about the Final Fantasy characters from well-known RPG franchises? These most influential games are always the

Uncle Iroh in Avatar: The Person That Full of Wisdom

By Staff Writer

Among many of the mainline characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender, Uncle Iroh won the heart of almost everyone. As

Blue Exorcist Season 2: How Was The Sequel?

By Staff Writer

After releasing Blue Exorcist Season 2, we discovered the number of fans of this Japanese dark fantasy anime TV series.

Gravity Falls Season 3: When Will We See It?

By Staff Writer

No doubt, Gravity Falls season 3 is another most anticipated season for the fans of Gravity Falls. Following the success