The Amicable App Holds the Key to Successful, Empathetic Divorce

By Olivia O'Mahony 5 Min Read

The processes of divorce and separation are ones which no-one ever hopes to undergo. In fact, when tying the knot, many of us firmly believe such an outcome for our relationship to be flat-out unthinkable. Life has a way of throwing us unexpected curveballs, however, and according to the American Phsychological Association, approximately 40 to 50 percent of marital unions in the United States are destined to fail, with the divorce rate for second and third marriages being even higher. Try as any newlywed couple might try to insulate themselves from the possibility of future rifts leading to separation, it’s a possibility that persists nonetheless – and for this reason, it’s a relief to know that a service like Amicable exists to ensure that the end of a marriage doesn’t have to mean the end of the world.

Amicable is an app that takes a unique approach to the end of legally-bound romantic relationships, offering a fairer, faster, and fixed price service, angled towards an eventuality in which both ex-partners and their family are happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. Unfortunately, this is often not the case when a couple turn to a lawyer-led divorce to resolve their situation, with such a move often involveing increased acrimony and uncertain, heightened costs.

In contrast to this, Amicable focuses on issuing the necessary support to a client family in order to minimize the emotional damage a divorce might have. The service employs simpler steps with quicker outcomes, as well as lower costs with clear, fixed prices, to prevent unforeseen financial pitfalls in an already-turbulent time in the lives of its customers. It’s essential that the difference this can make is not understated: the Amicable website claims that while the average cost of arranging one’s finances while collaborating with a divorce laywer is £8,000 (or $10,820), an amicable, Amicable-led divorce can amount to as little as just £300 ($406).

Getting set up with Amicable is entirely pain-free, with no tricky legal jargon to navigate. To begin with, customers are put in contact with one of the service’s many "divorce experts," who can handle their concerns and answer their questions with a wealth of knowledge on the subject, all of which is provided in a safe, entirely confidential online space. Then, information is gathered, and agreements are reached with the help of online technology and consistent, personal support. The finalized legal documentation is provided shortly thereafter, acting as not only a ticket out of an unhappy marriage, but a heightened chance at a peaceful, uncomplicated future for the ex-partners and their loved ones. The quicker and simpler the separation, the less blood spilled – an empathetic approach really does go a long way in terms of long-term emotional fulfillment.

Those who have made use of Amicable’s service since its launch in 2015 have been grateful that they did so. Sasha, a recent divorcee from the West Midlands, England, praised Amicable as being loaded with "Pragmatic, sensible advice, unbiased, fair, and practical. Helps a traumatic situation become manageable, and allowed my husband and I to be able to communicate and come to a settlement I thought would never happen."

Similarly, an unnamed mother of two based in London was touched by the level of compassion Amicable’s team extended towards her and her children in a time of great difficulty: "Brilliant – sensible advice, focused on the children and what was best for them. Warmth and empathy about what it feels like to be going through this, with a big dose of pragmatism that helped keep things feeling fair."

While it is often said that marriage is the beginning of a new life together, the failure of that marriage doesn’t necessitate the end of life altogether. Amicable is a service that’s invested in helping its customers and their families transition into an emotionally-satisfying new beginning, laden with infinite new possibilities. Never has it been more heartening to look forward to a future in which one can say, "There’s an app for that."

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