Why The This is Fine Meme Will Never Go Out of Style

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Nowadays, we love to use memes. It’s getting popular day by day. “This is fine” is also one of the popular memes. This meme is used by the user on many platforms. But it is getting most of its popularity after using it on social media. This meme is all about a dog that is sitting in a burning room. His smile is dumb. Musing to himself and saying this is fine.

This is the key point of this meme. This burning room is not changing his thoughts. He thinks everything is fine. After publishing it, this meme is loved by people as a reaction image. Let’s discuss more this meme

Things You Should Know About This Is Fine Meme

First of all, “this is fine” meme is simple for everyone to use. This potent image is the perfect reflection of chaotic times. It can capture our unfavorable situation with a perfect reaction. This meme reflects how awful the situation we are facing.  The meme is the way to say, how we are refusing to accept reality.

Using this meme doesn’t have any boundaries. It’s been used far and wide. This meme is another name of success for profit. Thanks to the creator of this meme. We always try to avoid some homeless situations like the dog of this meme does. This point people like most that matched with their mentality.

Description: this is fine dog
Picture: This is fine

The Origin

We may know about this meme, but few people know the story behind it and its origin. The original creator of this comic was K.C. Green. This popular meme we saw is actually from a webcomic. This webcomic was titled as a Gunshow. The actual title of this Gunshow comic is “The pills are working”. Some reason, this one was alternatively titled “On Fire”. 

On January 9th, 2013, this portion of the comic was posted. The theme of this meme is simple but delivers a strong message. In a hound site, a dog is sipping coffee in a burning house and saying “This is Fine.”

In the scenario of this meme, we saw a dog in a room. The room is burning to the ground, but this is not a fact for the dog. He looks normal and reacts calmly. He slowly melts from the heat because of the fire.

The Panel of this is fine meme
Picture: The Panel

Not all of them, the first two panels of the strip began to circulate. Tumblr, Reddit, and Imgur have a great contribution to make this meme popular in 2013 or 2014. This meme is not only loved by the people, but some of them created fanart of it in many different versions. As a result, we can see it as a favorite TV Character or animation.

The User of This Meme

This meme is accepted by the audience as a reaction image. Social media is the biggest platform where we can see memes. People are using this meme in two different ways. Some people love to post it on the first two panels alone. Some others love to post the only panel where the hound says, “This is Fine.” The lovers of this meme post the comic strip entirely in some rare and special occasion.

The creator suggests the people post this meme of the first one or two panels. The logic behind this suggestion is, it’s easier on the eyes, but watching the skin melt off is not a good portion of this meme. Sometimes people prefer to use the text alone (this is fine). They think it’s far better than using the actual image. It becomes possible because this comic is ubiquitous enough.

People use this meme when they are underprepared for something. To avoid responsibility consciously they use this meme. But the popular use of this meme is trying to keep calm in a bad situation. In this situation, they want to do their regular activities. Even this meme is used for some political purpose. Yes, you heard right.

On August 25, 2016, the Republican Party of the US tweeted this meme to receive chaos from the opposition. A few moments later, the creator of the meme K.C. Green responds about it. He requested the party to delete this meme. It was a little bit insulting to his work. He didn’t want to use this meme for political purposes. 

The Meaning

If you want to know the actual meaning of this meme then there are lots of ways to do that. We can interpret the work of K.C. Green in many ways. It is a sign of hope. We can feel that the dog is sitting there and see it as embodying the power. It is the power of optimism.

It’s a complete dilution which is controlled by some limited perception. The scenario is full of hope and the folly of fantasy. He has accepted the situation as a normal one. At the end of the day, this meme becomes like a fine piece of humorous illustration.

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This Is Not Fine

The man who created this illustration is now saying this is not fine. There are lots of situations that arise after using this meme intentionally to create chaos. The creator was very much disappointed with that. For the last few years, this dog did his job continuously. Whatever in every situation he always says “This is fine.” There is a new version released of this popular meme.

Description: https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/rvxX6W0BK8Q01IptN_JvFI6GIdI=/0x0:671x348/1200x0/filters:focal(0x0:671x348):no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/6884155/Screen%20Shot%202016-08-03%20at%2010.31.04%20AM.png
Picture: This is not fine

This time he saw the same thing as he does it in the first panel. After looking at a burning house he freaked out and screamed “This is not fine!”. The reflection of his expression is perfect. He said, “this is not fine.”


This colorful cartoon of the dog who is sitting clumsily makes us sad. The place he is sitting in is covered with fire. But the situation is not created to make him excited. He insisted on himself and said, this is fine. Because of the K.C. Green, we can use this comic to express our panic in some situations surrounded by chaos.

Everyone knows that this will end in disaster, but insisting to ignore the situation and responsibilities. This is the media to convince ourselves by saying everything’s going to work out soon.

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