7 Interesting Influencer-Induced Trends We See on YouTube

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The list of YouTube influencers is quite longer than we usually expect at the primary glance. It starts from the pranksters and ends with the video gamers. Everyone is in this era wants to be at their best. They are introducing some trends on YouTube and making millions of subscribers & views for their channel. It’s not only a spicy topic to talk, but more than that. These popular YouTubers are reaching minds and delivering information to billions of people through their channels.

Open YouTube, what will you see? Undoubtedly it is a world with lots of colors and movements. This is the right platform, where content gets popular and becomes trends on YouTube. All these popular videos have become a great way to connect to the audience. Not all but a few are the kings that make us crazy to know something more about it. The YouTube influencers are controlling the atmosphere over there. They are using their channel as a major media to make us simply crazy about the newest thing or the oldest thing in a new way. You will get a simple idea when you see the number of subscribers they have. More subscribers indicate more popularity. 

Let’s discuss our few top picks of YouTube influencers who made us feel how the real World Wide Web is and what YouTube has scope to do.

trends on youtube
Picture: PewDiePie

Some people dominate the throne of this popular platform. Undoubtedly, there are no close competitors you can get that can beat the king. PewDiePie is one of those who not only have a great influence in YouTube history, but also a huge number of the subscribers that are unbeatable at this time. Getting 102 million subscribers is not a joke. The closest competitor is still surviving to get the prize.

This Swedish YouTuber is uploading videos of playing video games. He also has included some coolest reaction and commentary that easily can draw the attention of the old or new user of YouTube, especially who love to play video games and trying out the latest games. After uploading videos its passing tens of millions of views! He also posts various types of memes and roasts that started in 2013 and getting more subscribers day by day.


7 Interesting Influencer-Induced Trends We See on YouTube
Picture: HolaSoyGerman

If you are a comedian, musician, singer or writer, then you can think of trying to become famous and owner of popular YouTube channels like HolaSoyGerman. German Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is the man working behind it. The Coolest thing about this man is, he has another YouTube channel. As a result, he got two Diamond Play Buttons and becomes the first YouTuber in YouTube history who make this record.

HolaSoyGerman page was created in 2011 and made history as the most popular YouTube channel of the Spanish language. The 39.9 million subscribers are the biggest proof of its success.


7 Interesting Influencer-Induced Trends We See on YouTube
Picture: ElrubiusOMG

In our top picks, the next one is a YouTube channel in the Spanish language called ElrubiusOMG. It’s known as the second most popular YouTube channel on YouTube following the Spanish language. This channel focuses on those people who are in love with games and blogs. If you are one of them, then you must subscribe to this channel. The journey of this channel started in 2008. To make this channel popular, the main focus was on the Skyrim gameplay. But due to some copyright issues, it’s started a new journey with the new name called ElrubiusOMG! And doing the same thing!

Now it has become the second-highest popular channel in the Spanish language and made its fan base which is dramatically increasing. This is the channel that got the “YouTuber of the Year” award in 2016.

7 Interesting Influencer-Induced Trends We See on YouTube
Picture: Smosh

This is one of the oldest and established YouTube channels you will find. It’s also known as another best alternative social platform for the comedy. This comedy based channel has got popularity after using some actors in their comedy scenes. Two-Man called Anthony Padilla and Ian Andrew Hecox is the founder of this channel. They are also the main character of their comedy video and doing a great job with their natural acting mixed up with some comedy. Can you see their first video? It was released with the power ranger theme and the concept.

Smosh came from the word “mosh pit” which is actually pronounced wrongly and the founder gets the name of their YouTube channel. But the jackpot was hit with a video with Pokémon Theme. It boosted their viewer and the subscriber as well.

Various types of activities like short comedy sketches, funny compilation, QnA videos, and short clips helped this channel for getting popularity than before. Not only that, but this channel became no. 1 several times between 2007 and 2011.


VanossGaming- Trends on youtube
Picture: VanossGaming

This channel was established in September 2011. The contents of this channel are available for children, teenagers, and adults as well, as it offers and posts about playing a video game. Not only that, but the commentator also provides lots of information about the game which is very much needed for the people who are going to play it.

After starting the channel, it’s running to be the champion. More than 24.9 million subscribers and the viewer are watching their videos. Evan Fong enjoys what he is doing because he has a mixed audience as a fan base of this channel which is known for giving positive feedback. Simply he has worldwide support. 

Dude Perfect- Trends on youtube
Picture: Dude Perfect

It’s a channel run by a group of few members where they came up with the unique name Dude Perfect. Who doesn’t love tricks? Even for playing some games? This channel is here to show you how to do them. There are many tricks shot channels, but this one is on top of the list because all the tricks they have shown are not only effective but also unique as well it has some comedy part.

Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Garret Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney are the members of this group. In 2009 they start this channel. They already have over 46.9 million subscribers and still growing. They also have a record to gain 1 million subscribers in 25 days.


Nigahiga- Trends on youtube
Picture: Nigahiga

Ryan Higa took the initiative to start this channel in 2006. Most of the people know that this channel was honored for gaining most subscribers is 2008 to 2011. He got already 21.4 million subscribers in his pocket and sealed as one of the best trends on Youtube. He started the journey by lip-syncing to songs. But he couldn’t take this thing far because of some copyright issue. After that, he came back with his own talent and starts to compose his own music which got popular.


At present, trying to pick top YouTube influencers isn’t that easy as there are plenty of worthy contenders. Most of the channels come forward with quality and influencing material and they also have millions of subscribers. That makes it pretty confusing that who should be considered as the deserving channels to be on the top.

There are trends on YouTube that makes the viewer crazy and guides to be a subscriber. All these channels can make a statement to the subscribers to deliver information to influence them. Even other viewers can get the same reaction from these top YouTube influencers. 

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