5 Sneaky Ways Someone Can Steal Your Facebook Messenger Login

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If you want to know what is panicking, then ask who couldn’t log in their Facebook ID. But you can surely experience that if you are thinking about logging in after a long time and forget the password for Facebook messenger login. In such a situation, some people take chances by cracking the password of their id to get access.

It is pretty obvious for people to share personal information on FB, but indirectly they are helping hackers to get their ID hacked. Even they use different methods that are beyond your imagination.

But knowing those methods can help you to stay cautious about what not to do in the future to keep the Facebook messenger login password safe.

Keep Your Password Safe for Facebook Messenger Login

Facebook, this name is enough to explain everything about it. This social media platform is not just only connecting people, but managed to build a huge community. To make the communication more effective, Facebook introduced to us a messenger app where people can send messages instantly. The users should keep the id safe from the people who want to break in. So, the user must secure their Facebook messenger login password.

Making this platform a hundred percent secure is, indeed, not easy. In many ways, people can steal your password. Some popular and common way to steal the login password is given below to make you more cautious about it.

Phishing Attacks

This is one of the most popular ways of breaking into security. With this method, thousands of passwords get hacked every day. It’s one type of clone login system in the target account. People who are new in this field for adopting a phishing approach, then there are a few steps they follow to do it.

Phishing Attacks to Facebook messenger login
Picture: Fake Login Page

There are lots of phishing software applications available online. Download one of these applications to proceed for security breaking. It’s time to create a phony site. Producing such a site looks like the original site that you want to carry out. You are ready to create a URL called the phishing URL. This URL is the key weapon that you need to send to the victim using other applications or the same application. The victim will log in using the link you’ve sent them. You will get the password utilizing the malicious site.

It’s simple and easy to track everything of the victim related to his Facebook and messenger as well. It’s a stealth way to login to the victim’s account. 

Using Forgot Password Method

It’s also the easiest way to crack somebody’s Facebook password. In many cases, users are not much concern about their password. In such cases, the Facebook authority wants to confirm your password with the help of some security questions. Even you may have to put your Email address. This address is required because Facebook authority sends a link that connected to an option called “reset security password”. This process will be easy if you can hack the Gmail ID of the victim then you are half done with it.

For this, there are few Gmail phishers available. Pick one that you need. In this step, create a complimentary site. For this, there is lots of hosting company available which offering such site to develop. It allows you to produce a fake Gmail profile. It will become a master copy of an initial Gmail profile. You will find a URL that needs to send to target individual phones. This security password will need later to hack the Facebook messenger login password.

Hackers use Using Forgot Password Method fot Facebook messenger login
Picture: Find Your Account

Now try to log in the Facebook webpage. Here some options will appear after putting the utilized password. Click on the “forgot password” option. Then the Facebook authority will ask you to reset the password which reset link sent to the hacked Gmail. This Gmail security password you already have. Now you can easily reset the password and make a way to login to the victim’s Facebook profiles. 

Hacking the Mobile Phone

Facebook became more popular after authority allowed people to use Facebook from the mobile phone. Even they introduced App for such purpose. Billions of people now log into their Facebook account using their Smartphone. 

Now a day, hacking a mobile phone has become easy. Hackers pick this opportunity to hack the Facebook messenger login password. There is lots of software which is used for spying on any kind of mobile phone. There are two simple processes for this you have to obtain if you want to do the same thing. Download the app and install it on the targeted mobile phone. Using this app, it becomes so easy to get the password of Facebook id and all other information on your mobile phone as well.

Some people can hack a mobile phone using a wireless network. People visit a lot untrusted site which can input a malware to your device and take internal control over it.

Hacking the Mobile Phone is a way for illegal Facebook messenger login
Picture: Facebook Login

Social Engineering Method

There are various categories for the password a user can set. To make the password strong people need to use various types of characters. But what happens when the user sets a weak password? It becomes a target of a hacker. Social engineering becomes a great way to crack all these weak passwords. But it relates to various types of security questions, which already are set as a pathfinder. Then the hacker can easily get the way to log in to the targeted Facebook ID. In most situations, people use the same types of questions as a security question. In a survey, it is identified that people use the year of birth, anniversary of specific occasion, children’s birthday, name of some favorite pet, or cell phone number. These are the most common answers. A person does not get overwhelmed because these types of information are available in the victims’ timeline or personal details. 

5 Sneaky Ways Someone Can Steal Your Facebook Messenger Login
Picture: Security Question

Key Logger

Without any kind of keyboard activity, it is hard to operate on a computer or mobile phone. But there is also a way to record all this activity of your keyboard. Basically, it defines what you are typing and what you’re not. To monitor this activity key logger becomes a solution. Basically, it is software that can track down all your keyboard activity. But it’s also possible to without warning the victim. The process is simple. You just need to download this software and install it on the victim’s computer.  This software is a hidden tool for the user. On the other hand, it’s also possible using just a USB drive. This USB drive needs to be connected to the victim’s computer and retrieve all the data at the end of the day on your computer.

5 Sneaky Ways Someone Can Steal Your Facebook Messenger Login
Picture: Key Logger


Technology made us free to feel the era of modern science. It left its touch in almost everything in our life. Now a day, we have become so busy with social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many more that people have started to feel curious about our activity on social media. So, keeping our login information like the password should be secret. However, it has become easy to crack the Facebook messenger login password.

Using all the methods I’ve discussed earlier can be the way to break your security in social media. So, be alert to what you are typing or what you are doing to login to Facebook messenger.

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