Valkyrie Thor: What Is The Role of Valkyrie In Thor’s Story?

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Without knowing about Valkyrie Thor you can get a clear concept about Marvel, especially in the Avenger series. Now there are lots of rumors and leaks available about this superhero of Marvel.

There is more we’ll know about this MCU-based character in “The Mighty Valkyries #1”. Like other times, Valkyrie is played by Tessa Thompson. The best thing is, we’re going to get the real name of Valkyrie.

Valkyrie is a fictional superhero introduced in Marvel Comics who is also an Asgardian and also named Brunnhilde and chosen for Odin’s personal unit of shield-maidens.

Now we are going to give you more information about this lovely character of the MCU.

Who Is Valkyrie Thor?

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics and the Marvel cinematic universe, then you must know who Valkyrie actually is. This is a fictional character introduced in American comic books.

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The fact is, this character was created on the basis of another mythological figure named Brynhildr. On 1970, December 3, this character first appeared in a comic book. The book was named The Avengers #83.

The fact about Valkyrie Thor is their love interest. That is why most of the time we can relate her with Thor.

Picture: Valkyrie
Picture: Valkyrie

Do You Know About Warrior Maiden?

When we talk about Valkyrie then we must know about Warrior Maiden. She is an Asgardian and formally known as Brunnhilde. On top of that, she was a member of a legendary force of women warriors.

All the members of Valkyrior have perished but Valkyrie has not. Odin gave an order to Valkyrie and that was to make Odin’s daughter Hela (the Goddess of Death) prisoner.

To accomplish the task, everyone sacrificed themselves and saved Valkyrie from the assault. After the brutal defeat, Valkyrie exiled herself to another planet named Sakkar.

She got a new name there and that was Scrapper 142 who works for the Grandmaster. There she makes Huld her prisoner and later Thor Odinson as well to win the contest.

Picture: Marvel Studio about to release Thor: Love and Thunder
Picture: Marvel Studio about to release Thor: Love and Thunder

Is Valkyrie a Master Swordswoman?

Valkyrie has different types of abilities and superhuman strength is one of them. As an Asgardian, this ability was an obvious option. Not only that, Valkyrie has great stamina, speed, durability, and reflexes as well.

Even though she is physically greater than other Asgardians. This super ability allows her to make Loki and Thor prisoners. We were astonished, when we saw, she knocked down Hulk!

This woman is also an expert in combat, especially when she has a sword. Yes, she is a master swordswoman. She can perfectly use her double-edged sword.

On top of that, Dragonfang and dual dagger are her favorite weapons as well.

Picture: Valkyrie uses different weapons
Picture: Valkyrie uses different weapons

Who are the Valkyrie’s Epic Enemies?

Now let’s talk about the enemies of Valkyrie. To protect the throne Valkyrie always comes forward. That’s why she had to face many incredible foes. But not every enemy is countable in front of her.

Only one was treated as a great enemy for her and that is Hela (the Goddess of Death). Hela threatens Asgard as well as the king all the time. As you know, Hela defeated the epic Valkyrior force in different battles and gave them a taste of death.

That time Valkyrie was exiled to another planet. This is not the end of the story. She faced Hela again and defeated her. This story was long before Hela is slain by the fire demon.

What is the Valkyrie’s Real Name?

For a long time, we knew Valkyries by her heroic name but this name is not the actual one. So, what would be the real name of mighty Valkyries? This time Marvel reveals her real name (birth name).

In the story, Valkyrie travels to Perdita. The purpose is to get the V.I.P treatment at Oracle Adventures. She was looking for “The One.” It was a part of her promise. A promise to her deceased siblings.

She meets with Oracle and asks “What my name is and why am I here?” This is the moment Valkyrie knew her real name. In response, Oracle said that Valkyrie’s name is Runa.

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Is She Will Be The Marvel’s First LGBTQ Superhero?

Yes, Marvel confirms lots of things about the Valkyrie. She is going to be Marvel’s first openly LGBTQ+ superhero. Kevin Feige (Marvel Studios head) confirmed it.

He also said that, in Marvel’s forthcoming “Thor: Love and Thunder,” Valkyrie will have an explicitly queer relationship. Fans were waiting to be introduced to an LGBTQ character and Valkyrie is going to be that character.

For her, Marvel already wrote an LGBTQ storyline. As a new king, Valkyrie needs to find her queen.

Valkyrie Thor: What Is The Role of Valkyrie In Thor’s Story?

Picture: Thor

Will Valkyrie and Her Horse Will Return in Thor 4?

Thor: Love and Thunder already have a release date and we have some leaks in our hands about it. Even solo photos also leaked from the set of Thor 4. All these new set photos indicate that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will come back with her Pegasus.

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Thor 4 will be the 4th solo movie of Thor (The God of Thunder) and in this installment, lots of old characters will be cast again. Valkyrie is one of them.

As we saw in Avengers: Endgame, Valkyrie rode into battle with her Pegasus. This time there will be happening something like that.

Valkyrie Thor: What Is The Role of Valkyrie In Thor’s Story?
Picture: Pegasus


When we talk about Valkyrie Thor will come automatically. Because of the love interest as well as the relation with the plot, Valkyrie becomes an obvious character for Marvel.

This character is going deeper into the marvel universe. She is almost beloved as Thor. After introducing this character, most of the marvel fans accept her for the story.

Now Marvel is doing more with this character. Who knows, in the 4th installment of Thor, Valkyrie will influence the story differently. We are waiting to see her in action again.

As in Marvel Comics, the story of Valkyrie goes straight into the Character’s backstory. Maybe there is a chance to learn more about this character like her birth name.

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