“Design Meets Technology” with Modsy

By Angel Kristoff 5 Min Read

Whether you’re moving somewhere new or just looking to re-decorate an old space, finding the right decorations and furniture can be a difficult task. It’s not like clothes shopping, where you can just try on what you like and see if it actually works for you before you buy it. When it comes to big or expensive things like room accessories and furniture, “trying it out” just isn’t that easy.

You can’t just haul a few different couches into your house or apartment to see which one looks best. You always just have to hope that your instincts are good and the things you choose will work well together and make your room look great. Or at least that’s what you once had to do.

If you really want to see what your room will look like before you take the leap and make any big purchases, you can now use Modsy. Modsy is a startup that allows you to create a 3D model of your room and place different types of furniture in the model, so you know what your room will look like.

Style Quiz

The first step to using Modsy is to take the Style Quiz on their website. This is completely free and can be completed before making a purchase.

The quiz asks you to choose between pictures of various rooms and items. After each part of the quiz is completed, it will mention certain things you might like. It might say that your answers show you are interested in a “minimalistic” style, based on three pictures of rooms that you selected. Then it will show you some items that match that type of aesthetic.

Click on more items you like and the quiz will get more specific. Maybe you seem to like “Scandinavian modern spaces” and also “chic and rustic spaces.”

This quiz doesn’t just give you one or two choices and more importantly, it doesn’t limit you to just one style. It will recognize that you liked certain things from different styles and then offer you furniture suggestions that reflect both. This can help you to combine the things you love and develop a unique style for your room.

Creating a Model and Designing

The next step is to create an account and develop the 3D model of the room you want to decorate or furnish.

To do this, all you need to do is take a few pictures of your room from different angles. Essentially, you want enough angles that you can give an accurate idea of what the room looks like. It doesn’t matter if the room is messy or not because the pictures will be sent to Modsy to create the 3D model and they can just edit that out.

Once your 3D model has been created, you can start designing your room. You can look choose different designs and items to see what works and what doesn’t.


There are two Modsy packages to choose from. The first package is $69 and the second package, called “Modsy Plus” is $199. These prices are per room.

Both packages provide a 3D model of your room, two custom designs for your room with endless design revisions, and access to a rewards system that helps you get discounts when you shop with Modsy.

The biggest difference between the two packages is that Modsy Plus lets you work one-on-one with a Modsy designer. The designer can be contacted via phone, video, or an online chat. The designer helps provide insight and advice on how best to decorate your room. If you’re stuck for ideas or have never had much of an eye for design, the designer could really be a big help.

A Mission for Happier Lives

Modsy believes your environment can have an impact on your life and your happiness. It’s the idea that surrounding yourself with positivity can bring out the good things in you too.

The company was founded by Shanna Tellerman after she moved into a new house with her husband in 2013. While the thought of designing their new home was exciting, it ended up being very frustrating and time-consuming. With Modsy, Tellerman hopes she can help more people design the best space they can, without all the stress.

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