2017 Electronics Every Techie Loved

By Kiera Sweden 5 Min Read

2k17 was an amazing year all around. So much has changed, and many people have grown. Not only did we as people experience such tremendous growth, but so has the world that we are living in today. With the availability of connecting with someone for free half away around the country, or, even better yet, the the world, in just a matter of a few minutes, it seems impossible that it could ever get better than this, right? Wrong, because believe it or not, it actually can, and did. This past year, several new apps, software and gadgets have been created. I gathered the facts on them together for you to take a look back and reflect on all the technological magic you wanted, or still may want, to get in on.

The iPhone X

The iPhone X is the hottest and newest Apple product that everyone has been talking about. This brand new phone has incredible features that anyone would greatly enjoy – especially with the price of this phone, because after paying so much money, you would really have to be genuinely dumb to not take advantage of it. An important feature is the facial recognition capability. Your iPhone X can recognize your face no matter what happens to it; for example, if you had a really long beard and mustache, your devoted phone will still know exactly who you are without it. Another popular item of the iPhone X is the fact that you can now add music and voice to emojis. With this, you can make them sing or dance while they are talking with your actual voice or a song of your choice.

The Apple Watch 3

If you or anyone you knew had an iPhone, this would have made the essential accessory for Christmas. This is literally what everyone and their mom wanted Saint Nick to leave in their stocking. This brand new watch is only compatible with Apple, but for those who have an iPhone, this could change your life. The Apple Watch 3 is waterproof and has the ability to control GPS features. This new watch also has way more battery life than the last version, not to mention it’s optional LTE connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a lot of cool features that can make this listed item truly worth buying. For one, there’s the camera quality. With this fine camera, really awesome low budget films can be made. You never know, maybe one day after making a totally rocking film with just one Galaxy, you could make a name for yourself. This could also possibly grant you and your family or friends a pretty nice boatload of cash. The Galaxy S8 also has an amazing, sharp screen. Even though many people love and admire this phone, its price isn’t usually the most admirable.

The Moove Now Watch

This watch has been working it’s way to the top with the other big dogs all 2017. Even though the Apple Watch 3 made it hard for this product to break out, it made it because of all its cool features. One of the things it has going for itself is the fact that this thing has a six month battery life. I repeat: six months, and that is pretty crazy considering a whole gallon of milk would not even last that long. Something else that is a positive to this watch is that not only are you able to use it on Apple, but also on Androids too. This watch also has pretty huge downsides. One of them is the fact that this watch does not even have a face on it. Another problem is that there is no heart rate tracker. This could make a person upset for an unlimited amount of different reasons. Even though the Moove Now watch isn’t really the best, it was alright for its small price tag.

Looking forward

Even though we loved and still do love of all of these products, it is now time for 2018 to come in and invade. I don’t know about you, but I hope to see even more new gadgets in the New Year becoming better for you and me.

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