3 Top Winery POS Systems

By Akudo McGee 10 Min Read

Business owners across the board know that an excellent POS system is essential for conducting business smoothly. A good system should also help companies to keep track of expenses, minimize profit loss and create customer insights that are relevant to their clientele. When making the crucial step of settling on a POS system, companies must take into account the features offered by each software and the specific needs of their business, including size and customer-base, wineries are no exception.

This article explores three favorite wineries POS systems, Xüdle, Vin65, and VinNow to help wineries find the best method for their needs.


Xüdle is an all-in-one, POS software program designed to handle orders from the time they are accepted to the time they are fulfilled. The primary uses for Xüdle’s software are club management, POS, eCommerce, restaurant management, event management and inventory management. Their POS features have a customer-focused design and the cloud-based POS system works on stationary POS hardware and mobile devices like iOS and Android compatible tablets.

Being able to access customer information and accounts on the winery POS system is just one part of their customer-focused design. Wineries can maintain customer relationships by managing their loyalty and club programs, registering members digitally and running their website all through Xüdle’s software. Everything from customer billing to generating an automated communication for events and shipments is done through Xüdle’s integrated system.

eCommerce is the final piece of this customer-focused program. Being able to market to customers in other locations through an online store increases a winery’s visibility. Wineries can link their online stores to their websites and even offer discounts and promotions online to expand their online presence. Customers will be happy that they can access their accounts and also customize future shipments from their account logins.

For restaurants, fulfilling orders is also easier with Xüdle. Food orders can be initiated from their program and sent directly to the kitchen printer. Everything from making changes to the menu to accepting payments and processing discounts can be done on their interface. Wineries that also stage events at their physical locations can handle reservations and ticket sales (in person or online) with Xüdle. Orders are processed in real time, so tickets are never over or under accounted for.

Lastly, wineries, whether operating primary online or in physical stores can use Xüdle for inventory management. Managing inventory is important for any business and with Xüdle wineries can keep track of their stock across multiple locations. They can even transfer inventory to new stores and update inventory when new orders are fulfilled.


Vin65 wineries can manage their wine club, POS, eCommerce, marketplace distribution, and fulfillment needs in one place. Vin65 uses a seamless interface to handle all winery needs from order receipt to order shipment. The POS system is made to be intuitive for the user but also convenient since it is fully portable, compatible with mobile systems, and fully integrated with eCommerce systems.

The eCommerce system makes it even easier to reach a broader customer base. Vin65 also provides free website templates to give wineries a professional and sleek appearance and because their website makes it easy to view, buy and review products, customers are encouraged to shop online, not just in the store. To retain those customers, wineries can use Vin65 to manage their wine club with features like built-in loyalty programs, user choice clubs, and other marketing tools available on a single management system.

Wineries can integrate their products with third-party platforms as well, so instead of marketing directly to customers already on their site, customers visiting sites like eBay and Vivino will also be shown their products. Vin65 does the legwork for wineries by working directly with sellers to identify potential customers. That way wineries are marketing to customers they haven’t even met yet. With the online store, these customers don’t also have to live in the same area as the winery.

When those new customers are secured, and it’s time to deliver, wineries can ship their items at an industry accuracy rate of more than 99.98%. Since everything is integrated, items shipped out and ordered are reflected in inventory. Orders can be shipped out the same day, stored in a preferred facility and should wineries want to ship from other locations outside of California or even the USA, they can use the self-fulfillment options.


VinNow is an integrated POS platform that can be used for many uses like POS, wine clubs, eCommerce, inventory management and customer relationship management. It extends passed offering essential POS functions like customer data capture, payment processing, and barcode scanning and provides wineries the assistance they need to retain customers, track inventory, fulfill orders and generate reports.

Any good winery owner knows that their job is about more than making customers happy by fulfilling their orders quickly and accurately but also about retaining customers. By using VinNow’s wine club features, wineries can manage their wine clubs, automatically process club information and payments, customize customer invoices and member preferences and even handle gift member or pre-paid payment options.

Being rewarded for their repeated business encourages customers to shop at their favorite winery and since VinNow also has eCommerce options, managing a site to draw in customers from across the world is even easier. Orders can be processed online, and new members can sign up online, saving wineries time and money.

When orders are processed and shipped through VinNow, businesses receive support with fulfillment basics like printing labels and preparing pick-ups, and the orders are reflected in the inventory system, so items are less likely to be under or overstocked. Even after orders are taken, processed and fulfilled, businesses can track their progress and orders overtime with VinNow’s automated reports. These pre-built reports port information from the winery’s database to provide details on current and historical trends.

How Do They Compare?

There are several factors to consider when determining which POS system is best for a winery. Among these factors are company-specific ones like budget constraints, customer size, and shipment needs. Overall Xüdle is the best fully integrated POS system for wineries that operate on several levels, handling brick and mortar store and restaurant orders as well as online order fulfillment. For comprehensive POS systems that are highly integrated, Xüdle and Vin65 are equally good options.

Vin65 has more features for businesses that are hoping to expand and reach out to customers online. With their marketplace distribution tools, they make it easier to generate website traffic. VinNow is best for wineries that need access to essential POS features instead of an entire, integrated POS system. VinNow also has some of the most affordable pricing plans with their most expensive plan (Base Software) running for $200 a month on the Platinum package.

Vin65 is the only one out of the three that has a free plan with essential features like a primary website and educational resources. Businesses can inquire about custom pricing options as well. Their Lite and plans offer generous services like wine club management, marketing tools, and loyalty programs and smaller and medium-sized wineries can quickly get by on their $299 Lite program.

Xüdle offers excellent pricing options for businesses that need online and in-store services. For restaurants, however, their plans are pricey, as restaurant options are an additional $400 per month for all plans except their custom priced Enterprise plan. Their Basic plan starts at $199 a month, and their Boutique and Midsize plans are just a little more than that at $299 and $499 respectively. Small and medium-sized wineries that don’t need restaurant services may be able to save money with their Basic or Boutique plan.

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