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Make Your Lifestyle Healthier With Sharkys Food:

By Marjia Ahmed

In the USA, lots of restaurants are trying to make a revolution in the food category but Sharkys did the

The Popularity of Food Tech Startups

By Veronica Maria

         Food-tech startups are all the rage these days. Supplying a proper food service that not only

The Making of a Artisan Startup

By Veronica Maria

It is to be believed that many artisans have made the plight in making their business work. However as time

3 Top Winery POS Systems

By Akudo McGee

Business owners across the board know that an excellent POS system is essential for conducting business smoothly. A good system

Menus Become Digital and Efficient with FineDine Menu

By Angel Kristoff

Finding a new restaurant to try out is largely a digital affair nowadays. If you want to know what’s nearby,

Instacart Brings Groceries to Your Front Door

By Akudo McGee

These days it seems like everything can be delivered to you either through an app or an online retailer like

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Dairy

By Akudo McGee

On to our next startup, Berkeley-based biotechnology startup, Perfect Day. In a vegan burger article we discussed the detriment of

Meet Your New Automated Personal Chef, Suvie

By Akudo McGee

There are times that we wish we had a helping hand in the kitchen. Whether it's due to limited mobility,

The Future of Farming Won’t Depend on Land or Soil: This Nigerian Startup Shows Us How

By Akudo McGee

So you're at the market, trying to opt for a healthy choice and you reach for organic salad greens, easy

Independent Pizzerias Have a New Guardian Angel

By Olivia O'Mahony

New York-style; Neapolitan; neo-Neapolitan; stuffed crust; the deeply-provocative deep dish pie. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a slice

Learn How to Cook from Home with Happy Chef

By Nicole Fryer

Everyone who knows me knows that I love to cook and experiment with different foods. Even though I like to