How Reliable Are Seasonic Power Supplies For PCs? (Should You Use One For Your Build?)

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Try a Seasonic power supply to make your PC more reliable. Every user of the desktop knows why a sustainable power supply is important and how it plays a big role to run the system. The power supply is another name of reliability.

This time Seasonic is offering us such reliability by introducing their top-notch quality power supply for our desktop. Picking the right power supply unit is always important because it always depends on its performance.

If something goes wrong because of misbehaving electricity, the best power supply will save different valuable components of a desktop. Ultimately, it minimizes the risk of being damaged by your PC parts.

Seasonic Power Supply: Why Is It The Best One For Your Desktop?

Few brands for desktop power supply are reliable for the users. Seasonic is on top of that list. In many ways, this brand gives proof of its reliability. Their power supply unit is the biggest example of it.

There is not a bad unit at all produced by this brand. They don’t compromise with the quality and mechanism. Best quality with the best service is their priority.

All of these facilities are giving in their power supply unit at minimum price. That’s how; they earned their reliability from every level of PC user.

For your build, you might look for a power supply of the best quality at a reasonable price. That’s when you look for a Seasonic power supply unit. We are going to discuss it.

Seasonic Power Supply
Picture: Seasonic Power Supply

What A Power Supply Actually Is?

Before you know about the brand and power supply I’m talking about, you must know what a power supply actually is and what its function is in our computer. Let’s start from the beginning. To run your entire system, this unit supplies power.

On your desktop, there are many components like hard drives, graphics cards, process, and most importantly motherboard. Everything runs with the help of power.

When these entire components get power, they become literally alive and run the whole system. Simply, without power, nothing on your computer will work. It’s the heart of the system of your PC.

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Seasonic: The History of Best Power Supply Unit Manufacturing Company

A brand doesn’t get its success in a day. It has to overcome lots of obstacles, challenges, and many other things. Seasonic did overcome the same way to establish their name in the heart of the PC user.

They won the heart of the PC user of every level. It’s a 40 years old company and they have been manufacturing a power supply unit since 1981. Now, they are experienced enough to satisfy their customer.

As one of the best power supply unit manufacturers in the market, it gives tough competition to other popular brands. This leading company is continuously offering innovative tech for their power supply unit at a cheap price.

The efficiency of Seasonic Power Supply

If you’re a tech guy then you must know what “80-Plus” is. The power supply unit comes with a different variation. But their certification is actual. Before you buy, ensure the “80-plus” certification.

This symbol is attached to a few power supply units. Only 6 of them are available. This certification ensures that the power supply has the best efficiency and performance to supply power to other components.

The higher rating means the higher the efficiency is. But it does not come at a cheap rate. Because of that certification, it becomes more expensive than the general one.

Using a computer can return your investment. This is true about the Slavonic’s power supplies. All of the units of this brand are state of the art.

Most of the units got 80 Plus Gold certification. Don’t worry about the cheapest one. They’ve got Bronze or Silver certification as well.

Power Supply Certification Type
Power Supply Certification Type

Different Series of Seasonic Power Supply

Seasonic is continuously inventing and introducing new power supply units for us. So, it’s hard to choose the best option among hundreds. Their prices, features, models are not the same.

That’s why we’ve decided to walk through a few models to clear the concept and who needs to use these models.

Different model of Seasonic Power Supply
Picture: Different model of Seasonic Power Supply

First of all, we pick the dimension to talk about. For the most common desktop, there are three different sizes required for power supply unit and these are as follows:

  • ATX: 150 x 86 x XXX mm (W x H x L)
  • SFX: 100 x 125 x 63.5 mm (L x W x H)
  • SFX-L: 125 x 125 x 63.5 mm (L x B x H)
Seasonic S12III – 500 Watts

This model of power supply has 80 plus Bronze. It’s a non-modular ATX that means it’s a basic power supply. It’s made for the most comer user, not for the core or elitist gamer.

The design is not exciting but performs well considering its efficiency and features. All of the cables of this model are fixed. This model is best for the office PC.

Seasonic Core GM – 650 Watts

This one achieved 80 Plus Gold Certification. It’s a semi-modular ATX. Considering the features and benefits it’s cheaper than another semi-modular ATX power supply. This unit is a bit upgraded than the previous one.

As a budget model, it’s designed for the conscious consumer. Some cables of this unit are removable and some are not. This is the type of unit most consumers look for.

Seasonic PRIME TX – 850 Watts

This power supply is the best example of a fully modular ATX.  This 850-watt power supply got 80 Plus Titanium certification. If you are not worried about the price, then this is the best high-end option you’ve.

With different safety measures, it offers excellent performance. This unit is made to fulfill everyone’s needs. For the best of the best user, it’s perfect to use. Yes, we are talking about who love gaming and the user of more than one GPU.


We don’t have any question about the popularity of Seasonic, especially in the field of power supply. They’ve got everything to make us happy by offering the best power supply unit for every type of PC user.

From lower level to higher, every user can get their best choice for this popular brand. To make your system component risk-free with a proper power supply, the best option is here.

They are available in a wide range of features. Yes, we are talking about size, price, capacities, and many more. I hope you got the answer about which one is the best and reliable power supply for your desktop today and why.

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