Business is Blooming at UrbanStems Bouquet Delivery

By Olivia O'Mahony 5 Min Read

The gift of a bouquet of flowers is among the most ancient gestures of forethought and affection, with a long history of flower arrangement in all corners of the world leading up to it. The oldest records of the formal arranging of flowers in vases date back to ancient Egyptian times – history shows that flower-lovers in those days were particularly serious about the use of the sacred lotus, herbs, palms, irises, anemones, and narcissus in their creations. While not all of these plants might be so commonly seen up for grabs in a city-based floral arrangement service today (outside of Egypt, at the very least), the potential to say what you want to say through the presentation of a beautiful bunch of flowers, be it "I love you," "I’m sorry," or simply "Thank you," persists – and delivery service UrbanStems is making that communication easier than ever before.

The UrbanStems story – one which, make no mistake about it, is characterized by an admirable drive towards continuous growth and betterment of the brand – begins with a spoiled birthday gift. It was the stem that broke the camel’s back for Ajay, who had suffered the disappointing consequences of one too many foiled flower-sending experiences. Not one to content himself with resting on his laurels, Ajay teamed up with Jeff, a like-minded classmate, and launched a company to eradicate the grievances of lost flowers, late deliveries, incorrectly-spelled names on notes, and squashed, sad petals. Today, the company boasts over 100 employees in five cities, including a fleet of couriers, and extensive operations team, and, most tellingly, a customer happiness team dedicated to giving those who user UrbanStems the great service they deserve.

And UrbanStems truly have pulled out all of the stops to make choosing and shipping a floral arrangement the pleasurable experience that it should be, from start to finish.

UrbanStems customers can rest assured that all those who plant, grow, and pick their flowers – as well as the planet that makes it all possible – are treated fairly in every step of the process; UrbanStems works only with sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, where employees are paid above-average wages, operate in approved working conditions, and are provided prioritized access to healthcare.

Floral designers are UrbanStems work directly from the source, meaning that the above-mentioned farmers have an active part in the art that results from their hard horticultural work. The designers and farmers work hand-in-hand to formulate fresh, creative bouquet concepts that will always keep even the pickiest of flower-lovers on their toes – and believe it or not, current designers collaborating with the UrbanStems team include top editors from Vogue fashion magazine. The result is a line of limited edition flower arrangements such as "The Sally," a classic-style bouquet designed by Vogue digital creative director Sally Singer, befitting "a British granny’s 100th birthday celebration," that comes with a neat surprise; "the Selby," a wintery design that takes its name from accessories director Selby Drummond; and the explosively passionate "Nicole," offered by director of Vogue Runway Nicole Phelps as a new way to look at the traditional (and tired) red rose arrangement.

Once a bunch of flowers – or, for the record, a succulent, which are offered in abudance by UrbanStems too – has been selected, the hard part is done and dusted. Customers are invited to personalize their bouquet delivery by including a card or note to the lucky recipient of the upcoming delivery – and if that recipient just happens to be them, all the better. All flowers arrive with their stems carefully wrapped in an eco-friendly hydration pack, to ensure that wilted blooms are never worth a worry.

UrbanStems currently offer same-day delivery in New York City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Austin, and Baltimore, but that doesn’t mean the rest of U.S. is left out in the cold with this one – next-day shipping is available nationwide, and with the rate that this enterprise is blossoming, it wouldn’t be a stretch to wonder if a global presence might be right around the corner. Let me hear you say it: power to the flower.

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