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Reefs Are in Danger and Coral Vita Wants to Save Them

By Akudo McGee

If you're an avid environmentalist or even a well-traveled nature lover, you've likely noticed not only the news reports about

Molekule’s reinvention of the air purifier

By Nichole Schack

Air is essential to sustain life. Without it, we would die. It isn't just the simple fact that we have

Driving Consumerism

By Staff Writer

Here we are hot off the heels of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg's deposition in front of Congress. Facebook is accused

Coral Vita Wants to Save Coral Reefs

By Angel Kristoff

As the ocean changes and becomes more polluted, it seems like there’s never much good news about coral reefs. Amidst

Has Deforestation Met Its Match?

By Akudo McGee

Today when the word conservation is mentioned, several things come to mind. Often the most unfortunate after-effects of human actions

Ever Dreamed of Generating Renewable Energy Right in Your Front Yard? It May Soon be Possible!

By Akudo McGee

So maybe you're looking down at a hefty electric bill or thinking about the toll that fossil fuel consumption takes

Business is Blooming at UrbanStems Bouquet Delivery

By Olivia O'Mahony

The gift of a bouquet of flowers is among the most ancient gestures of forethought and affection, with a long

The Future of Fabric is Super-Strong Spider Silk

By Akudo McGee

In a previous article, I promised no more hideous alliterations... but this one is pretty good, so it doesn't count.

Clean India with Banyan Nation

By Vivek Chakraverty

Banyan Nation took its inspiration from the Indian practice of downcycling plastics instead of recycling them. The problem posed by

It’s Time to “Plant the Planet” with JOACHIM’s Eco-Loving Clocks

By Olivia O'Mahony

It seems like a lifetime ago that, standing in the near-darkness of the kitchen of my family home, I last

How One Startup is Turning Clean Streets into Fat Wallets

By Akudo McGee

Last week, we talked about efforts to repurpose waste into affordable housing. This week's startup has a similar goal in