Cat Care is Done Right with Moggie

By Olivia O'Mahony 4 Min Read

What goes on behind closed doors is a concept that always evokes curiosity, and never more so than when behind those doors is a beloved — if mischievous — pet. Often, our minds guide us towards the absurd: we imagine Bruiser the chihuahua helping himself to the Cuban cigars stashed away on top of the bookcase, or Philomena the Russian blue filing her claws as she lazes on the couch and watches those reruns of Mad Men on the DVR.

Sometimes, however, our nosiness is of a more practical kind, indicative of the pragmatic parents we are. Have our pets had enough to drink this morning? Have they been yowling the entire time we were away? Are they feeling lethargic, anxious, or sick? Thanks to the ingenious new smart collar for cats from Moggie, this uncertainty need plague us no longer.

The Moggie collar is a device that monitors your cat’s daily activities when you’re not around to do that. It comprehends the cat’s movements and the environment in order to paint a clear picture of just what business your precious feline has been up to while you’re not around to peep in, and ultimately provide an indication of their happiness and health, too. All data recorded by the collar is immediately transmitted to the Moggie app, keeping owners posted on cat action be they in work, waiting in line at the bank, or sitting in traffic on the commute home.

Thankfully, the Moggie collar is just as kind to its wearer as it is to the human of the house. With two solid weeks of battery life in each charge, the collar allows cats who enjoy roaming the neighborhood to do their thing, all the while providing carefully-collected insights into their health.

The collar’s insight device is easily removed by human hands, meaning there’s no need to confuse or disturb a cat when a recharge is in order. The Moggie technology is lightweight and waterproof, and the collar includes a mechanism that ensures immediate unfastening should a cat manage to snag themselves dangerously on a fence or tree branch.

The other instrument introduced by Moggie is their app, to be used in conjunction with the collar, but also boasting an array of other uses to give your cat the best quality of life it can get. The Moggie app understands the information provided by the collar’s activity monitor and translates it into easy to understand reports, checking activity data regularly and comparing it to normal patterns in order to detect potential health issues.

If anything seems worthy of concern, the app alerts its user immediately so that they can contact their vet before a little problem has the chance to snowball into a larger one – and what’s more, the recommendations will be tailored specifically to the unique needs of your cat (or cats, for bigger feline families) based on information entered upon setting up the app.

Founded by a team of cat-lovers (including CEO Nataliya Stoyanovych, head of operations Anton Skyba, head of product Vasantharaj Bharathi, and veterinary expert Paola Blas Ferrezuelo) and based in Stockholm, Sweden, Moggie is already making major waves in the world of cat care, despite being a new kitty on the block. They are active on Twitter (at @moggieme) and Instagram (at, where updates and exclusive offers are flying fast on the daily – and a cute cat picture is never more than a moment’s scroll away. What’s not to love?

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