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By Nicole Fryer 5 Min Read

Whether you own a company, or you work in management, you know how difficult and crazy it can be to make deadlines and make sure all of the appropriate work gets done. Busy days can make you forget to do even your most routine daily tasks. Fortunately, Zala is here to make sure you and your coworkers get the job done.

Zala is an app designed for communication between coworkers. As we all know, communication is key to having a successful company, or to properly get the job done. Zala keeps track of your workload. Whether it be checklists or tasks and to-do’s, this app can assign and complete project work. You can even set due dates, prioritize tasks, upload documents, track time spent, set a repeat schedule, post comments, and so much more.

One of Zala’s key features is instant messaging. You can set up a group chat for everyone to see, or message someone individually. There are read receipts, so you can make sure that person or group has received and viewed the message. Perfect for when you forgot to pass along a message before you went home or need to remind someone not to slack off and make sure all of the important tasks get done for the day.

Another awesome feature is being able to upload and share documents and files. Instead of leaving notes on sensitive information and trying to pass it along for all the appropriate people to read over and sign, just upload it to the app so everyone that needs to see it can, and not have to worry about the wrong people having access to it or worrying about it getting misplaced or mixed in with other paperwork.

With Zala, you never have to worry about remembering a new username or password. Your phone number becomes your username, and they’ll send you a text when you log in from a new device. No need to worry about storing passwords and worrying that your info will get into the wrong hands.

An even better feature? Automatic backups. Zala stores your data on its cloud servers. All of your information is continuously backed up, and you can access it from any device. Never worry about losing important info and having to save and back everything up regularly.

Zala is also available on and offline. So, if you’re traveling (whether you’re on a plane or out and about or just at home) and don’t have access to an internet connection, you don’t have to worry. Everything you’ve been working on in the meantime will synchronize once you connect to the internet again.

What might be the best feature is the checklist. Make a list of everything that needs to get done and set reminders and notifications to make sure that whatever needs to get does, will, in fact, get done. There are so many times where work gets busy, and you get sidetracked, and even the little everyday tasks that you’re used to doing can be forgotten. Tasks can be assigned to specific people so that the workload is evened out between workers. Don’t get stuck getting everything done yourself or putting all of your faith in one or two people. You’ll be able to see who’s doing the work and who’s doing a good job with what they are assigned.
Some other cool features include audio recording, so you can send everyone an audio message if you’re unable to type or want to get your point across. Make notes on events and prioritize the work, and even make a search so you can find something valuable in old messages or checklists.

Zala is available for download in the App Store and Google Play and can also be accessed through an internet browser if you’re on a computer so that you can access it from literally anywhere. They also have a blog that you can follow to learn more and find out cool new features. If you have questions, want to find out more info, need help, or want to download, you can visit their website at Get your company and your coworkers more organized and get work done more efficiently with Zala.

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