Communicating on the Go with Crew

With our ever-changing workplace, communicating and keeping individuals up-to-date is a crucial part of any organization. Regardless of the role each person plays, communication between all members is vital to the success of any business. Teams that communicate efficiently understand their roles, complete projects quicker, and are more accurate in their work than those teams that don’t communicate well. Poor communication in the workplace leads to employee mistakes, conflicts within groups, and lower efficiency, as well as low employee morale.

Today, businesses large and small recognize the importance of communication and use various ways for teams to engage and collaborate. Services such as email, group text, internal work sites, and other collaboration software only focus or work around the needs of the everyday nine to five office workers. For the rest of todays workforce that are always on the go, who don’t have a work email account, or work in shifts, the available options to communicate as a team are limited. Crew, the mobile communication app, is looking to change that.

The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2015 by Denny Leffel and Broc Miramontes, after noticing a stressed bartender yelling at co-workers and furiously tapping on his phone. It was during this Mexican lunch and then margaritas consumed therein that the idea for Crew was born. The workers at that Mexican restaurant, and many others they surveyed, were using group text to communicate with each other. Leffel describes it as a “Rube Goldberg system, with photos of pieces of paper,” at which point it was clear to them that there was a better way for these workers to communicate. The company has raised close to $25 million from Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, Harrison Metal, and Aspect Ventures.

Crew is a free service that facilitates communication and helps keep everyone one on the same page. The app is designed for millions of workers who don’t have access to adequate communication services on the job, such as bartenders, baristas, waiters, cooks, retail sales associates, nurses, and many more. The app is a simple to use, centralized place to quickly communicate by means that include messaging, scheduling, tasks, and recognition.

The application offers teams a slew of options to keep everyone on the same page. Companies can use all of Crew’s features or choose only the ones that are right for their teams. Workers and managers can have one-on-one conversations, send messages to everyone, or a specific group. They can see exactly who has read the message, as well as send an unlimited number of photos and videos – and all without exchanging phone numbers.

One of the most notable features of the app is its hassle-free scheduling capabilities. Companies can upload their schedule or make one with the app. Teams can view and manage their schedules and easily handle shift covers, pick-ups and time off requests all within the app. By allowing workers to check and make changes to their work schedules at any time from their phones helps simplify scheduling. In addition, users get shift reminders and have the ability to track their wages. Leaders can manage permissions, and everyone can set notification preferences.

Crew allows individuals to assign tasks to co-workers and get notified once they are completed. Need to recognize someone for a job well done, or just to say thank you? No problem. The app has built-in capability to give kudos and award gold stars for excellent work.

We all know that communication is vital when it comes to organizing and making sure everyone is on the same page. Crew gives companies the ability to make announcements and communicate faster with reliable, organized messaging on any mobile device. What sets this app apart from the rest is that it is the first to be specifically designed for the millions of workers who don’t have ready access to effective communications services on the job. They make it easy for the entire team to keep up to date about everything work-related and help leaders and co-workers set clear expectations of roles, goals, and directions. Lastly, the company is highly committed to user privacy, therefore all data is encrypted and never sold or shared with any third-party.

Crew is a powerful app that makes communicating with your team a breeze. To learn more about Crew, visit their website at

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