Compression Gloves: Things You Need To Know For The Different Uses

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Not all the time compression gloves can be described with words as medical accessories. With different types of benefits, you can set a standard methodology for these gloves. Most arthritis patients know these gloves well.

The confusion is created when you want to pick the right pairs of gloves. Different companies make these gloves in their own way. It’s hard to say which one works for you and which does not. That’s the reason, consumers trust only a few brands and products.

So, the more you know about the gloves, the more accurate you can be about these gloves. Let’s find out all the details about it.

Picture: Compression Gloves
Picture: Compression Gloves

What are Compression Gloves?

Compression Gloves are common accessories in medical terms. It’s also referred to as arthritis gloves. From the name, it’s easy to understand what the basic function of these gloves is.

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The main function of these gloves is to apply pressure to the hands. This pressure is the reason for increasing the blood flow of your hand as well as the temperature. Both things help to relieve arthritis pain.

It’s made of thick Lycra fabric and designed to cover everything of your mid-forearm along with ¾ of your finger. Every 4 to 6 months, the pair of gloves needs to change otherwise it won’t work properly.

Tip of Getting Maximum Relief:

Such types of arthritis gloves are easy to use but without proper technique, you can’t get the best result you want. Some experienced and medical practitioners suggest some way to get the best use of these gloves. To get the most out of it, follow the tips.

  • Buy a pair of arthritis gloves that fit well in your hand. Don’t try the larger ones or the smaller ones. If you do, then you won’t get the benefit from it. If needed, consult with your therapist or doctor to determine the right fit for your hand.
  • Wearing gloves as long as you can to get the maximum benefit. Using it overnight is the best for you. If it’s not possible for you then use it for at least 8 hours and follow the same hour routine every day unless you get relief from the pain.
  • Some gloves are not designed well. Pick that pair that provides support across your wrist and fingers.
  • Before use, read the instructions that come with the gloves carefully.
  • If you feel sung without feeling tight, then it is the right fit for you.
  • Don’t use gloves for 24 hours at a time.
  • Before using the gloves, make sure your hands are clean and dry.
  • Determine the time of wearing that you need. But the wiser option is using it for a few hours for the first time.
Picture: Open fingertip design let you do more task
Picture: Open fingertip design let you do more task

What Symptoms Do the Gloves Treat?

Most arthritis patients know why these gloves are best and what their function is. But this is not the last benefit you might notice. There are more to describe.

  • It provides support and warmth to swollen, stiff hands and associated joints.
  • To increase the oxygen delivered to your core and working muscles of the hand, these gloves help a lot.
  • These gloves enhance blood circulation for faster removal of lactic acid.
  • It also removes metabolic wastes.
  • Encourage the movement of the fluid needed for the inflammatory process
  • Such gloves cure your hand pain and recover small soft tissue injuries.
  • Accelerate the cure and repair process.
Picture: Arthritis gloves made of different material
Picture: Arthritis gloves made of different material

Who Can Get the Most Benefit of These Gloves?

If you think that, you can use compression gloves, then you’re wrong. Not everyone can use these gloves. It’s for the specific types of people who especially suffer from arthritis pain. People who are suffering from flowing difficulties can use these gloves and these difficulties are.

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  • Raynaud’s Syndrome
  • Ehler Danlos Syndrome
  • Rheumatoid
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Mild joint instability
  • Swelling from burns
  • Fractures
  • Surgeries

How to Choose Best Compression Gloves?

Before you choose the perfect glove, you must decide about the primary objective of using these gloves. A pair of gloves can’t be best for you if you overlook all the essential factors that must be checked. So, what factors should you consider? Read below.

Ease of Use and Durability

Not very gloves are a perfect fit for your hand. It should be easy to pull on and off. To make it functional all the time, you must keep the gloves clean. Read the instructions to know how to clean it and what fabric was used to make these gloves. It’s not only for easy cleaning but also for durability.

Comfort and Fit

There are no alternatives to using gloves without the best fit. It must fit perfectly in both of your hands. If needed, then go to your therapist or doctor. They’ll help you to get a perfect measurement of your hand.

Considering the size of your hand, read the mentioned size in the manual of the gloves. If the size-matched, then this could be your gloves. Remember, perfect fit also ensures better comfort as well.

Picture: Compression gloves are suitable for both men and women
Picture: Compression gloves are suitable for both men and women


Your skin might not be perfect for all the types of material that are used for compression gloves. So, know which type suits your skin. Most of the gloves are made of cotton. They are more breathable than other materials.

On the other hand, higher nylon or spandex can give a higher level of compression. So, choose the material wisely.


Most of the time, we are wrong about compression gloves. Because these gloves are not completely suggested by the therapist. It’s true, a pair of these gloves benefited us in many ways but not all the time.

It’s for applying gentle pressure but won’t squeeze your hand. Such a state of your hand is best to make you free from pains in your active muscles. It’s a solution for temporary relief. But it’s good for increasing the range of motion.

If you need such types of gloves for your own, then we suggest choosing the right pair unless you can meet your expectations.

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