Dark Souls Armor: How To Choose The Best Set?

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The action game players know why Dark Souls armor is good for the game. You can’t match the importance of all these armors with the armor of other action-playing games.

This beautifully designed game is developed by FromSoftware. Among different and essential features, armor is best. To complete the story of this dark fantasy universe you’ll encounter different types of enemies. That’s why you might look for the weapons as well as the armor.

Without it, most of them will die early in the game. Facing demons and dragon bosses is not possible unless you know which armor is suitable for you.

Because of the types, you might get confused to choose the right armor. Here are more details about it waiting for you.

Picture: Dark Souls
Picture: Dark Souls

What is Dark Souls Armor?

Among all the action role-playing games, only a few draw attention because of the different storytelling methods. Dark Souls is one of them that was introduced in 2011. This game was developed by FromSoftware but you can’t find the name because it was published by Namco Bandai Games.

In the game, you will discover yourself in the fictional kingdom of Lordran. A cursed undead character is playing the role who is still looking for the fate of their kind and the story will continue from here.

From that time you should continue with Dark Souls armor to get more support in the game. Every type of armor has a different capacity to boost the player and save from hit. The publisher released this game for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

This game was considered one of the best video games of all time. Different combat styles, the design of the levels, and many more things make this game beautiful.

What About Armor of Dark Souls?

Now come to the main point that we are going to talk about the Dark Soul. Yes, we are talking about Armor, the most important part of the game because of its many resistances and other factors like weight influence combat style and effectiveness in the game.

That’s why choosing the right armor makes the game more attractive and effective. On top of that, choosing the armor is not the last thing. It varies when the level changes and comes to a different state. So, you should know which armor is best for the specific level.

Dark Souls Armor: How To Choose The Best Set?
Picture: Dark Souls Armor

As you know, armor is always treated as a cosmetic choice. Every part of the armor is individual and you can blend them with other pieces of armor.

For the optimal setup, you might need to blend such ways. Besides, these pieces of armor can be upgraded. Most of the parts of this armor are Helms, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Leggings.

Here are different sets of armor you can choose in Dark Souls.

  • Antiquated Set
  • Artorias Set
  • Balder Set
  • Bandit Set
  • Big Hat’s Set
  • Black Iron Set
  • Black Knight Set
  • Black Set
  • Black Sorcerer Set
  • Brass Set
  • Catarina Set
  • Chain Set
  • Channeler Set
  • Chester’s Set
  • Cleric Set
  • Crimson Set
  • Crystalline Set
  • Dark Set
  • Dingy Set
  • Eastern Set
  • Elite Knight Set
  • Favor Set
  • Giant Armor Set
  • Gold-Hemmed Black Set
  • Gough’s Set
  • Great Lord Set
  • Guardian Set
  • Gwyndolin Moonlight Set
  • Havel’s Set
  • Hollow Soldier Set
  • Hollow Thief Set
  • Hollow Warrior Set
  • Holy Set
  • Hunter Set
  • Iron Golem Set
  • Iron Set
  • Knight Set
  • Lord’s Blade Set
  • Maiden Set
  • Ornstein’s Set
  • Painting Guardian Set
  • Paladin Set
  • Pyromancer Set
  • Thorns Set
  • Shadow Set
  • Silver Knight Set
  • Smough’s Set
  • Sorcerer Set
  • Steel Set
  • Stone Knight Set
  • Thief Set
  • Wanderer Set
  • Warrior Set
  • Witch Set
  • Xanthous Set
Picture: Armor Sets in Dark Souls
Picture: Armor Sets in Dark Souls

About the Categories:

Dark Soul armor is grouped into 3 different categories and these are:

  • Light
  • Medium
  • Heavy

Remember, all armor you choose from these categories depends on your equipment state. All the armor groups in this category are deepened in number as well, which is responsible for the movement /roll speed and the range of equipment burden. Here is the number defined based on the category.

  • Heavy Sets (40.1 – 80)
  • Medium Sets (20.1 – 40)
  • Light Sets (0 – 20)
Picture: Dark Soul gameplay
Picture: Dark Soul gameplay

Here are the armor upgrade charts that can give you an idea about the resistance and damage rate.

Upgrade LevelDamage Reduction   Resistance
Regular Armor +1X1.1X1.1X1.1X1.1X1.0
Regular Armor +2X1.2X1.2X1.2X1.2X1.0
Regular Armor +3X1.3X1.3X1.3X1.3X1.0
Regular Armor +4X1.43X1.43X1.43X1.43X1.05
Regular Armor +5X1.56X1.56X1.56X1.56X1.56
Regular Armor +6X1.69X1.69X1.69X1.69X1.69
Regular Armor +7X1.85X1.85X1.85X1.85X1.2
Regular Armor +8X2.01X2.01X2.01X2.01X1.25
Regular Armor +9X2.17X2.17X2.17X2.17X1.3
Regular Armor +10X2.42X2.42X2.42X2.42X1.4

3 Best Armor Sets in Dark Souls:

There are lots of armor sets you can pick to complete levels of Dark Souls. But not every set is for you. Completing levels with the wrong set of armor is hard as nails. So, we pick the 3 best armor sets that might help you to choose the best armor.

Giant Dad

Looking for this set in the default armor set category? You won’t find it there because it’s not official and a combination of different armor pieces and weapons.

Elite Knight Set

This armor set is one of the poster armor sets of Dark Souls. Yes, you can find it in the game! This armor we saw first in the body of an undead knight.

Iron Set

Some armor is decent to use and could inspire hope and in this case, Iron Set should be the choice. It was worn by sun bro Solaire of Astora himself and this is the reason this armor set is different from other armor.


To survive in this dark fantasy game you can’t take risks to overcome obstacles and eliminate enemies without armors. Dark Souls armor always was the best companion to help you get the extra benefit to pass the levels.

The developer of this game also gives the player the chance to make a combination of armors. In my eyes, this is the coolest part of this game. But for the beginner, they also have different ideas.

Yes, all the default armor sets are also good in increasing the movement and killing skills in the game. They just need to gather some game-playing experience to pick level-wise right armor sets. That’s all! Happy playing.

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