What Happened To The Iconic Character Yaddle In Star Wars?

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In Star Wars franchises lots of characters have a special place in fans’ hearts and Yaddle is one of them. She is not only a part of mysterious species but also played an important role in Star Wars.

The Director of Star Wars tried to expand some characters to continue sci-fi action on the screen. As a result, we found Yaddle in the Star Wars expanded universe.

She sacrifices herself in a mission. Still, fans believe there is some mystery hiding behind the door for her. However, her fate is unknown to us, and has the possibility of revealing herself again in the future.

Right now, she is a blank page in Star Wars history. Without wasting time, let’s read this review and discover more unknown facts about her.

Picture: Yaddle
Picture: Yaddle

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Who Is Yaddle In Star Wars?

Do you know the Jedi Yoda? If you know then you can understand every detail about Yaddle. She is from the same species from where Jedi Yoda came from.

She was born in 509 BBY and taken to the Jedi Table. With lots of similarities with Jedi Yoda, Yaddle draws everyone’s attention in Star War because she trained in the same way Jedi Yoda did.

As a result, she gets a space in the Jedi high council after up the rank as a Jedi Master. Most of her time is spent on scholarly endeavors. We saw her studying in the Jedi archives despite being an active and skilled Jedi.

Jedi Yoda
Picture: Jedi Yoda

Life Cycle of Yaddle:

As a fan of the Star War franchise, you might know that Yaddle is known as “The One Below”. Until her death, she served on the Jedi High Council. She was almost five hundred years old and died in 26 BBY.

She is known for her peacekeeping mission to Mawan but leads the Jedi Council for many world missions. Here are the important events of Yaddle that you might need to know.

 Star Wars
Picture: Star Wars


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Long before the Battle of Yavin, the two Jedi were assigned to a new planet. It happened three hundred years ago. The two Jedi names are Polvin Kut and Yaddle. There was a planet named Koba.

In the unknown region of space, this colony was located. The two Jedi are assigned to liberate. This planet was controlled by the Advozse Warlord.

On this planet, he is known as Tulak. Everything on this planet is in his grip. The Jedi tried to get help from an assistant who was not happy with Tulak. But two Jedi were betrayed by the spies. He tried to ambush the two Jedi.

On the other hand, Advozse used many slaves against Kut and Yaddle. But Kut left himself open to attack and was killed by slaves. That’s how his Padawan Yaddle became alone and fought with different fighters.

Battle of Yavin
Picture: Battle of Yavin

The Time of Imprisonment

After the defeat, Yaddle was captured and imprisoned in a chamber. This chamber is located underneath the ground. At that time, Tulak tortured her in many different ways.

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Despite being tortured, she did not admit anything about the next Jedi. She also said that the world of Tulak is going to end soon. But Tulak decided to keep Yaddle as his hostage unless she said anything.

After reaping everything, Tulak finds that there is nothing left for him in Koba and tries to leave for another world. Despite killing the Jedi, Tulak cruelly imprisoned Yaddle for a lifetime. He also believed that this Jedi would be a useful hostage for him.

It’s Time To Escape

It’s not true that Yaddle cannot escape. She got an opportunity to escape when powerful earthquakes happened all over Koba. Koba wasn’t ready to take on such a natural disaster.

These earthquakes caused an avalanche in the pit where Yaddle was kept. That was the moment when she saw sunlight after a century.

Despite having the chance to return to the Jedi temple, she refuses to return because she needs to complete some unfinished business in Koba. After a time, she became the savior of the people of Koba but refused to accept any award.

A Noble Death

In 26 BBY, Yaddle died on a mission. She was sent to Mawan. Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, was her companion in this mission. The main purpose of this mission was to restore peace on this lawless planet.

In the battle, Granta Omega released a bioweapon and Yaddle absorbed this force and died instantly to save the people. At that time, she was 483 years old.

Personality and Traits

After completing various missions she became one of the most revered members of the Council as well as the Jedi Order. Because of her wisdom and knowledge, everyone is seeking guidelines. That’s how she becomes the most compassionate and thoughtful Jedi Master.

Yaddle’s Power and Abilities

As a Jedi Master, Yaddle achieved some abilities and powers. But most of her power was used for a while. Her best ability is the Jedi Combat art of Morichro. This is a famous tech but a rare technique that is used to slow down the bodily function of the target and it lets the thing die.

Another power of this Jedi Master was possessing the extremely rare force light power. Yaddle was the only one who could use this power. Another ability we found her and that is flying the ship. Yes, she is an expert pilot as well.

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Undoubtedly, Yaddle is one of the best characters in Star Wars. Without this Jedi Master, the story of this fantastic Sci-Fi Movie won’t be complete. As an obvious part of the storyline, we found Jedi Yoda many times in many ways.

After knowing the glorious history of Yaddle (Jedi Master), we can understand the importance of such a character and how she influenced most of the things of the Jedi high council.

Not only that, the purpose of her mission, escape and death are also related to her achievement. That’s how she became one of the most knowledgeable people in the Jedi council.

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