Improve Your Chances for Donations with Donorbox

By Akudo McGee 6 Min Read

Children collecting donations for their club, YouTube content creators, businesses, startups, and politicians accepting donations towards campaigning costs all have one thing in common. They all use donations partially or entirely to get by and for that, they require a streamlined, functional donation platform for their needs, big and small.

The days of going door to door and asking for a contribution are over but with Donorbox, the days of struggling with complicated, expensive donation platforms and un-customizable platform features are over too! What is Donorbox? It’s a new way of managing donations, donor information, and donation analytics all on one convenient platform.

Already helping more than 7,000 nonprofit organizations from 25 countries all over the world raise funds, Donorbox is easily embedded right into a company’s WordPress site. The WordPress Donation Plugin is easy to install, can be customized and best of all provides a streamlined donation experience for donors.

For Needs Big and Small

Whether set up by a politician, company or startup, the setup process is a straightforward one. Creating a donation website only takes approximately 15 minutes. During the signup process, users will enter basic details about their organization and their contact information.

Donorbox provides all of the code needed to edit the WordPress page and even features a video on how to complete the quick process. Donorbox provides a form builder, so users have to input their preferences and don’t need any programming experience to create their donation forms.

Factors like the color of the donation box, set donation amounts, recurring donation options, and the user can customize information about the campaign. Additionally, users can decide what donor information they would like to collect if they would like donors to cover processing fees and even if they want to include custom information like legal disclaimers in the form.

Individuals can use Donorbox, small companies, and startups or even large, multinational companies. Compared to similar donation platforms Donorbox fees are some of the lowest. There is no fee for any organization that receives less than $1,000 in donations, and when the $1,000 threshold is reached, the platform fee is only 1 percent of all total donations.

There are also optional product integration options like MailChimp Integration and Salesforce Integration which cost extra ($8 ad $25, respectively). However, users can elect only to use Donorbox’s essential services. Besides, users can embed their donation links to other websites, accept donations on their Facebook page and even create a donation goal meter, so donors are encouraged to donate.

Great Experience for Donors

Anyone who’s worked in fundraising on any level knows that the more complicated and less visually appealing and streamlined a donation platform is, the less likely donors are going to want to use it. With this in mind, Donorbox’s aesthetic, clean format is matched only by its well-made, donor friendly options.

Donors have many features available to make their donation experience favorable and straightforward. The checkout process is quick and provides a snapshot of the cause their donation is going towards. It is available in various languages (Spanish, French, German, English, Swedish, etc.) and a donor’s employer can even match some donations.

Since the link is secured by SSL/TLS and PCI compliant, donors get the peace of mind they need to enter their financial details comfortably. Their credit card information is encrypted and not stored by Donorbox. Since the donation form and button is compatible with all CMS systems, donors can access the same link on sites besides WordPress like Weebly, Twitch, and Squarespace, making it easier to donate on the sites they frequent.

Multiple currencies are accepted, and donors will know they’re at the right place because companies and individuals and create donation pages with their color scheme and branding. In all, it’s a secure and functional process for donors. If donors want to maintain a lasting relationship with companies, nonprofits or individuals, they can choose a recurring donation option as well.

Data Options

Perhaps even more important than collecting donations is collecting donor data. Understanding donor demographics and trends are critical to long-term fundraising campaigns. Donor data can be exported as a csv file type and even automatically exported to MailChimp and Salesforce NPSP if those additional options are purchased. Also if users accept offline donations (for instance cash or check), they can enter donor details in the Donorbox app manually, and it won’t count towards the platform fee they are charged. This way they can keep track of all donor information on one platform.

To track more analytical data, users can also enable E-commerce tracking on Google Analytics. Google Analytics E-commerce will let users track and measure all company transactions and the donations received through Donorbox. Enabling it is as easy as going into the Donorbox settings.

After many dated, poor-functioning, difficult to use fundraising platforms, Donorbox is a breath of fresh air. For an affordable price, it’s a home run for charities, startups, politicians, individuals, companies, and others who rely on donors for their needs.

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