Patrick Rothfuss Talk About The Doors of Stone: Know The Release Date and Updates

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Books are always best to guide us to live in a world of imagination and Doors of Stone is doing the same thing to us. If you are a book lover, especially a fantasy trilogy, then you might have heard about “The Kingkiller Chronicle”.

It was a gift from an American writer. After publishing the first book of this series named “The Name of the Wind”, everyone knows there is something yet to come from this writer.

Finally, we are going to talk about the third book of this popular trilogy. The third book of this series is going to describe things that we want to know. Yes, it’s like “story-within-a-story”.

Let’s find out what we should know about this book from this review.

What is Doors of Stone?

As you know “The Kingkiller Chronicle” is one of the most popular trilogies. Following the previous story and plot, writer Patrick Rothfuss brought his third and final novel of this fantasy trilogy titled “The Doors of Stone”.

This book will start from where the previous one ended. Yes, this novel will tell the story of Kvothe’s life. If you already read the second novel named “The Wise Man’s Fear” then you’ll understand what’s going on with the third one.

The third book will cover every point and day of Kvothe. Sorry to say that, this book is the conclusion of “Kvothe’s story”.

Picture: Cover page of "The Doors of Stone"
Picture: Cover page of “The Doors of Stone”

Biography of Patrick Rothfuss:

Patrick Rothfuss draws everyone’s attention properly after writing the first novel of “The Kingkiller Chronicle”. With good fortune, this American writer was born in Wisconsin in 1973. This is the place where people love to read books and write.

He refused to be a chemical engineer. He loves medieval history, theater, sociology, philosophy, and clinical psychology. This is also another reason for him to become a writer and write something for us.

He completed his undergraduate degree in English! Could you believe it? On top of that, he also loves to teach fencing and dabbles with alchemy.

Patrick Rothfuss Talk About The Doors of Stone: Know The Release Date and Updates
Picture: Patrick Rothfuss

What Is The Story of “The Doors of Stone”?

The third and final novel of the popular series “The Kingkiller Chronicle” didn’t release yet but fans and the writer spoil some information. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to spoil much as we think. Indeed it increases the thirst for this part of this fantasy trilogy.

After releasing the second book, Patrick Rothfuss was asked to reveal what’s going to happen next? Finally, he gave us a clue about the confirmed story. Now we know, this book will be the final book and comes as a conclusion of our beloved character “Kvothe”. In “The Name of the Wind” an arc began. The third book will conclude it as well.

In 2011, the writer also said that the third book will involve more interesting facts like “more traveling”. That’s how we’ll know how “Kvothe’s life” comes to this point that we figured out in the second book. This book is also going to tell us the story behind the meeting of Kvothe and Bast.

In 2012, the writer revealed another secret of his upcoming book and he said about the word El’the (a rank in the University). He will explain about this world in this book.

Not only that, Kvothe will be traveling to Renere! Yes, this is the capital of Vintas, as we found in the plot. This capital has another name as well and that is “Three-part City”.  In the Doors of Stone-related FAQ session, the written response to the question.

One question was “How many places will there be in Book Three that we have never seen before?” Patrick Rothfuss said “Three!”

When The Third Book Will Come Out?

Now, come to the main point, and that is the release of this book. No one can determine the date. But there are some strong leaks we found online from a sharp-eyed Redditor. He shared the date and that is July 2021 for the book on

Now, the date is already gone but no new update. So, it’s just a rumor. Recently, another report said that Amazon confirmed 2021 will be the year for the “Doors of Stone”. The writer admitted that it’ll take time to correct the storyline. So, there is no expected release date at all.

About The First Two Books:

Already we have two books of the series of “The Kingkiller Chronicle” and these are.

The Name of the Wind

In this book, we found a story of a character named Kvothe. This is a fantasy novel released in 2007. We also discovered a world called Temerant. Kvothe is one of the most charming magicians but this is not a complete story of magic. It’s all about gaining more power.

Picture: The Name of the Wind
Picture: The Name of the Wind

The Wise Man’s Fear

This is the second book of “The Kingkiller Chronicle”. Here readers will find some desire of characters that want to live in different ways for their legacy. The magician we talked about wants to know how his parents died. It’s a part of seeking the meaning of life. It’s a continuous story that will end in the third and final book.

Patrick Rothfuss Talk About The Doors of Stone: Know The Release Date and Updates
Picture: The Wise Man’s Fear


What is the release date of “The Doors of Stone”?

At first, there was a rumor about the release date of this book and that was between 2014 to 2018. But a glimmer of hope gives a possible date which is August 2020. Another rumor about the date is July 2021. The writer said the date is not fixed yet.

Is the third book of “The Kingkillers chronicles” written yet?

Writer Rothfuss shows us a picture of the first draft he uploaded to Google+. He also said that it will be easy to read the draft using Google glass. That means the draft of this book is already written.

Is there a cover ready for the book?

Yes, for the third book a cover was revealed for everyone and this cover was pretty convincing. This cover doesn’t give any clue of the story of the book.

What about the spoilers?

The writer himself revealed some important clues to the fans that also look like spoilers. But it won’t reveal as much as we need. It’s still hard to guess what will happen in the final book.

Is it possible to match other fantasy books with this one?

We don’t have any idea about the plot or storyline of the final book of “The Kingkillers chronicles”. So, it’s not easy to judge the possibilities.


We are still expecting to get the book “The Doors of Stone ”! Maybe it’s not time yet to release the book for us.

We still believe the writer is thinking about the time to make the book more perfect, including the storyline. So, hoping for the best is not a crime. It’s true that Patrick Rothfuss’s gigantic and all-encompassing fantasy series makes us more curious about the next book.

As a much-anticipated book, people are still looking for the release date online. Who knows, the writer, as well as the publisher, maybe planning to announce the release date for this book and surprise us.

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