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Chinese Startup, Dseelab Lets You Project Holograms

By Akudo McGee

Most of us are old enough to at least remember the bulky projectors that used to be in the classroom,

Phone Spy Apps And Their Need Today

By Staff Writer

There is not much difference among the various phone spy app available online. The primary area of working process is

eHopper is the Solution to Startup POS

By Akudo McGee

Startups, small business owners, freelancers and other entrepreneurs are familiar with the difficulty of processing payments. Finding a POS system

EMERGE App, the One Stop Shop for Inventory Management

By Akudo McGee

Inventory management is serious business. Keeping accurate records is essential to cutting costs, improving buying practices and keeping track of

Eliminate the Headaches of IT Issues with CMIT

By Akudo McGee

Regardless of the age or industry that a startup or business is in, one thing remains clear, These days, one

A New GPS Device to Help You Find Everything, Literally

By Kristina Holland

Always losing just about everything except your mind? Now it is time to put a stop to your chronic forgetfulness

Best 2018 Tablets for Seniors

By Kristina Holland

Can you back up my computer, please? And every time I turn the thing on it says my Chrome isn’t

Consumers Don’t Need To Be Worried About Smart Home Tech

By Michael McGrady

You've seen the headlines, right? Ever since the launch of popular smart home products and there growth as a major

Italian Startup Protects Our Most Valuable Resource

By Akudo McGee

Though the water we drink from the tap, use for our morning coffee or take a shower with is tested

Rent What You Need, Store What You Don’t With OMNI

By Nichole Schack

Do you live in an apartment with NO storage space? Or maybe you live in a 3 bedroom home with

The Internet-Of-Water: How Apana Saves You Money

By Akudo McGee

Water is life and it sure shows how much we pay for access to it, so why not manage it