9 Reasons Why You’ll Absolutely Love DSL Extreme

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At present, DSL Extreme established its name by providing stable internet connections for everyone. We know internet connection providers are having a hard time in the market of competition.

DSL doesn’t care what’s going on out there. They know how to satisfy their customers at home and office. Strong connection, better service with cheap prices is the key to their success.

From time to time, they are updating their system to ensure customer demand. Without making any issues, DSL still kept its motto up which helped to gain market share as an internet provider.

You’re out of budget for an internet connection? No problem, DSL Extreme is here.

DSL Extreme
Picture: DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme: Best Internet Provider For Home And Business

DSL Extreme throws a question to every internet user. They are asking “why to pay more to other providers if you get a better connection at a cheaper price?”

An internet user knows a faster internet is the key to remove today’s communication gap. At that point, DSL Extreme comes forward.

Forget to mention, they also provide top-notch quality phone service at home. Don’t worry, everything from DSL is unlimited especially the home phone.

The good news is, they’re focused to be a business internet solution as same at home. No one ever doubts their ability. Slowly, they are becoming one of the giant internet solutions for the people.

Business Internet Solution

Get an internet connection for your business
Picture: Get an internet connection for your business

To become a business internet solution, a provider needs to attempt a different strategy. It’s not like offering a connection at home. There needs more dedicated speed, stable connection, 24*7 customer services, and many more.

Now talk about the actual scenarios at your office. Slow internet connection may be ruining your working hour at your office?

It may be happening when you need the connection most. Understating the urgency, DSL comes with different corporate offers for both small and large companies. Reviewing every package and facility of DSL Extreme focusing on two types of connection. One is a dedicated connection and another one is a trueSTREAM business.

tureSTREAM packages
Picture: tureSTREAM packages

Dedicated Connection is Divided into Two

  1. Ethernet
  2. Business T1

Both connections come with the lowest cost but best to deal with more than 200+ people at a time. For your employees what you need more? More details about it are given below.


Ethernet focused on speed and reliability. These two key points are essential factors for any medium or large business.

To make your day better at your office and fulfill your mission along with critical systems, you can adopt this package. If your business depends on servers and phone systems, this one is the best package that suits your business.

Definitely, it’ll keep all the things up and running all the time whenever you want. Business Ethernet ensures different parameters. Take a quick look at them.

  • Speeds: Up to 50 Mbps
  • Monthly Lowest Package price: $115
  • Private secure networking
  • Point-to-point functionality
  • Point-to-multipoint functionality
  • End-to-end networking monitoring for better and reliable operation
 Business Ethernet Packages
Picture: Business Ethernet Packages

Business T1

T1 is a managed internet package. With the low cost, it ensures the most dedicated connection, including the highest reliability. T1 one works with multiple phone connections.

That means, when you’re in a telephone company and looking for a superior time from an internet connection, then you should choose Business T1. Few more details are given below.

  • Speed: Up to 6Mbps
  • Price/monthly: $295
  • Layer 2 networking
  • Flexible IP addressing
  • Bonded services
  • High performance and reliability
Business T1 packages
Picture: Business T1 packages

Reason To Choose DSL Extreme:

Many good things we found about this provider. Every time we found how well they’re serving us and what they do for it. I hope you’ll understand why we pick DSL Extreme as one of the best internet providers among others. Let’s jump into the deep to discover more about it.

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Fast installation

This provider is covering a huge area for their services. In most of the locations, you’ll find their connection. Even they can install an active connection wasting time in the rural area and ensure up to 50 Mbps speed. That’s amazing! Once you place the order, your connection will come soon to you.

Guaranteed Network Delivery

It doesn’t matter how far you live they will guarantee 99.9% network delivery. So, no chance to miss any packet from them.


For the dedicated and reliable connection, data request response should be faster than everything. It takes only 80 milliseconds for a single round trip for the date request. 

Cheap price

Most of the package of this provider is reasonable. If you compare their package price to others, DSL will win the competition. Their pricing system is very liberal because they made their package for every type of user. Home or business, wherever the connection you want, you’ll get it at the cheapest rate.

Better Uptime

DSL is very much professional and makes an agreement with their client to ensure 99.99% uptime. No other provider can do that.

Better Speed

For most of the packages, every client will get at least 50 Mbps speed.


 A dedicated support team is always working to fulfill the demand of their client. They are active 24/7 to answer your call and support you and this is totally free for everyone.

DSL Extreme has 24*7 customer support team
Picture: DSL Extreme has 24*7 customer support team

Discount Facility

Different packages come with different discount facilities. So, pick your one and get your discount.


We are living in a world where internet connections get every attention. We just want an ultimate and unlimited connection. This is the motto of using the internet.

Different providers make things harder to choose which connection is best. From this review, you already know why we choose DSL Extreme as our best internet provider. They have the capacity to ensure the best connection at your home and office.

To get a fast internet connection, you also need to consider the prices. which are also unbeatable by DSL. With their connection, you will feel like flying in the sky.

They are unstoppable to provide you better service than other providers. Just pick your desire package and become a proud client of DSL

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