How Many Levels Are In Insaniquarium? (And How Long To Win Them All):

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To lose in a cute but strange world of sea, Insaniquarium is the way. This cutest game is for everyone to pass a good time. Popcap always does something good for us by offering different games. Insaniquarium is one of those that is also very much addicted to us.

One more thing about this game draws our attention and its strategy. Not that hard to play but tricky for everyone. Because of its simplicity of design, it got an appreciation for innovation in game design.

The journey of this game is beautiful and colorful for every player. Even beginners will love to play it. Interested to know more about it? Here we go.

Insaniquarium: The Insane Aquarium Game For Everyone

Insaniquarium is very simple to play. Developers made this game for people of every age. On August 31, 2001, this game was introduced to us. They used colors as much as they can to make the game more attractive.

Every level comes with a different strategy to play. The only goal of the player is keeping the fish alive but how? Feed them.

Not only that, this process will guide you to collect the coinage that fishes drop. These coinages are your virtual money to buy eggs. That’s how you can complete all these levels. Buying eggs are helpful to upgrade your fish.

As more as you upgrade them, as easy you can finish the level and the quest. But nothing is so easy to get until you meet with the aliens. At first impression, you might think that all these aliens are somehow similar to Godzilla! Yes, I thought so.

This is the playground or playing area. All levels you need to win are inside these Tanks. So, how many of them? In deluxe mode, we found a total of 6 of them. But there are different modes available where the numbers of tanks are different. Here are the moods.

  • Time Trial Mode (4 Tanks)
  • Challenge Mode (4 Tanks)
  • Adventure Mode (5 Tanks)

Remember, in Time Trial and Challenge mode, a player only can play in 4 different tanks, not 6. When you are playing Adventure mode, then an extra tank will be there for you. More details about all these tanks are below.

Tank 1

This one is one of the easiest tanks in Insaniquarium. As a first tank, a player can feel the backdrop of it. Yes, it’s an ocean. Different points make this tank more special to the player. Here is a cave, coral near the cave and growing it.

Did you notice the old diving helmet in it? It makes the tank more interesting as well. To make the atmosphere more realistic, developers also include some growing seaweed. When you play in the virtual tank, you’ll find this background as well.

Tank 1 backdrop Insaniquarium
Picture: Tank 1 backdrop

Tank 2

Tank 2 is the second easiest tank. In adventure mode, it’s the second one to play. With the pinkish atmosphere, the background becomes more colorful. To make it interesting, here is a broken vase.

One giant clam and three marble columns make the environment a bit clumsy. But the coral makes it like the real one. That’s how the tank 2 background was made for the player.

How Many Levels Are In Insaniquarium? (And How Long To Win Them All):
Picture: Tank 2 backdrop

Tank 3

With the green backdrop, tank 3 atmospheres were made. This is the third level or tank in adventure mode. The combination of rocks and bonsai tree draws attention when playing this level. All of these bonsai seem to grow. Near it, flat rock is lying.

Why is a Chinese pagoda here in this tank? To connect this pagoda with the bonsai we found a bridge. This arc-shaped bridge seems cool while playing the game.

Tank 3 backdrop Insaniquarium
Picture: Tank 3 backdrop

Tank 4

This tank is navy blue. Looks like the natural one in this game. The wooden barrel adds an extra feature to it. It’s like a pirate ship was sunk in here because of the human skeleton with the alcohol bottle. Yes, he is leaning. The treasure chest is the focusing point of the skeleton. He is pointing at it continuously.

Tank 4 backdrop
Picture: Tank 4 backdrop

Tank 5

Tank 5 is the final and last tank. In adventure mode, there are no more tanks available to play. In here a player will battle Cyrax. To make it more dramatic, the tank backdrop is made of purple color.

What is the center of this tank? A face with bared teeth. The golden knife is gripped by two fists. Most of the players named it Cyrax’s throne because of the background of the tank.

Tank 5 backdrop
Picture: Tank 5 backdrop

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Exclusive Tank

If you play virtual tank mode, then you can have this tank. The color of this tank is light blue. Here is a castle. This is the main attraction point of the tank. Near the castle door, there is a column. Niko is situated on it.

Tips And Tricks To Complete All Levels of Insaniquarium

From the beginning, this game was super easy to play. But after completing some challenges it starts to get harder. Don’t worry, we’ve come with a few tips and tricks for you.

First of all, take good care of your fish. It will drop coins that need to buy items. But buying is not the last thing. Try to upgrade a few things to make the skill high. Here is the point you can notice when spending coins.

  • Buy Guppy
  • Upgrade the food
  • Upgrade the number of the food
  • Buy Carnivore (You can feed them with small guppies)
  • To destroy all the aliens faster, upgrade the weapon.
  • Buy Egg Piece as early as possible.
Estimated Time To Complete All Levels

Many players mention how much time they needed to complete all the levels of the Insaniquarium. It will take a different time frame to complete different segments of this game. Take a quick look at the table below.

SegmentEstimated Time
Main Story4 Hours
Main Story + Extra8 hours
Completionist16 hours
All styles5 hours

To complete the main story, it will take 4 hours. If you want to complete the extra with it, then it needs at least 8 hours. For the Completionist, it needs 16 hours. 


For the first time, I’m confused about Insaniquarium. Because it’s not like other fishing games. Feeding fish, fighting with aliens, collecting coins, and buying things, everything makes this game a strategy game for everyone. The underwater world is more insane.

This action puzzled game guides us to complete an adventure where we can lose ourselves for a while. As an addictive game, it’s funny and entertaining for us. Once you start to play this game, no one quits it easily unless they complete all the levels. Yes, it’s a very much user-friendly game I’ve ever seen. 

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