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By Akudo McGee 8 Min Read

Regardless of the age or industry that a startup or business is in, one thing remains clear, These days, one can’t get anywhere without decent IT support services. Everything is online, more customers than ever are accessing information about companies, products, and services on their phones, tablets, and computers and more and more computer programs and systems are being used for everything from customer billing to internal communication.

While technology makes many things more accessible and safer, like keeping records or tracking sensitive data, it can also create a lot of headaches. CMIT Solutions is hoping to be the answer for business IT needs and eliminate common IT frustrations.

For Needs Big and Small

CMIT offers solutions for some of the most common tech headaches for companies and startups of any size. Whether an owner is looking for ways to satisfy complaints about old or poor performing software or operations staff are trying to bring costs down, CMIT offers multiple solutions and local support.

Tech is serious business, after all, it affects how well a team can perform as much as it affects a company’s bottom line. The premise behind CMIT’s services is that companies should seek out trained and dedicated IT, staff, to solve their tech issues rather than trying to fix it themselves.

Technology is one of the most critical aspects of business operations, but also one of the least understood. Information is of equal importance – but often gets neglected when it comes to security and resources.

Services Offered

Since technology needs differ by company and the needs in this day and age of technology are often diverse and complicated, CMIT offers a number of services.

Protection and Recovery

Whether or not a company is data-oriented, protection and recovery are essential needs. For instance, even simple databases used to store customer addresses, Social Security Numbers, bank account information or receipts are susceptible to being hacked or destroyed. The best way to protect customers and even employees is to ensure that their data is protected from cyber attacks and data breaches and plan for an event where the company loses information and needs to recover data.

With their data protection and backup services, CMIT takes care of these concerns for companies. Even for companies who don’t have or have very little IT staff, CMIT’s professionals provide support that is tailored to the level of IT assistance a company needs.

Network Defense

For anyone who’s worked for small businesses or even worked in a home office, internet interruptions are no laughing matter. More than frustrating, they slow business and can threaten to shut down a company completely when they’re frequent and sustained. CMIT wants to make these interruptions a thing of the past.

They look at factors like internet bandwidth usage and needs along with the overall performance of various business internet plans. With their team of trained IT staff, they investigate all possible options and needs before businesses put down money on products and services that don’t suit their level of performance. In the end, they help companies choose the best and most reliable internet packages for them.

Hosting and Cloud Services

While most people have some idea of cloud storage from their experience storing personal or business files, most people do not have an understanding for instance, of the difference between public, private and hybrid cloud storage. CMIT helps by having experts who can determine which form of cloud storage and what website hosting options are best for a company’s specific needs.

For all cloud and hosting needs, whether it’s related to secure website and application hosting or choosing between cloud-based applications, having IT experts like CMIT available is vital. Everything from company data storage integrity to performance relies on what kinds of applications and systems a company uses to host and store its data.

Application Support

Perhaps the most important things for any business, especially tech-driven ones are applications. The CMIT team has experts for well-known applications and application suites like Office 365 and developers who can even design and build custom applications according to a business’ needs. The times of fumbling over the use or creation of applications are over as are the times of struggling with or overpaying for support for programs like QuickBooks.

CMIT will even ensure secure access to applications. That way, only the necessary staff have access to applications and businesses don’t overpay to have their apps available to more staff than is required.

Security and Compliance

Any business operating in the 21st century should know that, regardless of their relevance or the data they store, they may be the target of cybersecurity threats. In fact, governments around the world now recognize most threats will make use of the cyber world to steal data, hack into systems and infiltrate databases with malware.

With this in mind, CMIT offers a variety of services to keep businesses and customers safe, including risk assessment, compliance and operations support, data encryption and secure ways to access and store information.


For businesses that use pre-owned tech, CMIT helps to ensure that only most relevant and up to date programs and applications are installed. By refreshing hardware, evaluating apps and securing leasing and financing options, CMIT looks out for companies that may otherwise be holding on to old, unnecessary tech and paying too much to stock their offices.

Virtual CIO/CTO

Tech evolves and so must a company’s leaders and staff. Rather than just helping businesses ensure they have the best tech available to do their jobs, CMIT also wants to make sure that leaders are aware of what their tech needs are and stay abreast of significant changes. To accomplish this, they provide annual tech planning classes, consultations, project management assistance and training on managing vendors effectively.

Think Local, Go Global

CMIT works with the goal of providing support locally, effectively ensuring that companies have someone local and trustworthy to conduct business with who knows about their region-specific needs and concerns. CMIT provides services to North Nassau County of Long Island, New York and the surrounding areas of Manhasset, Roslyn, Roslyn Heights, Albertson, Jericho, Syosset, Woodbury, Plainview and Old Westbury.

Their physical proximity provides the peace of mind and ease of service that businesses need to offer the best services possible to customers both local and across the country or globe.


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